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3:45↑200 m↓200 m   T4  
4 Jan 24
Rivière Grande Plaine - Randonnée Aquatique
Was in aller Welt ist eine Randonnée Aquatique? Nun, eine Art Mittelding zwischen Wandern und Canyoning und - aufgrund topografischer und klimatischer Gegebenheiten - eine Spezialität auf Guadeloupe. Man wird unweigerlich nass dabei, aber man braucht normalerweise keine Spezialausrüstung wie Helm, Neoprenanzug, Seil, usw....
Published by pame 14 January 2024, 05h23 (Photos:20 | Geodata:2)
3:00↑150 m↓150 m   T4 II  
31 Dec 23
Bassin Bleu et Cascade de la Parabole - Randonnée Aquatique 2
Eine Randonnée Aquatique, die etwas einfacher ist als die zuvor beschriebene Tour Rivière Grande Plaine - Randonnée Aquatique. Bei guten Verhältnissen muss man nirgends schwimmen, da das Wasser maximal bis zur Hüfte geht. Trotzdem sollte man natürlich einen wasserdichten Packsack dabei haben. Außerdem gibt es kurze...
Published by pame 29 January 2024, 09h03 (Photos:19 | Geodata:1)
↑300 m↓300 m   T2  
20 Dec 18
Morne Morel
Walked the road from Terre-en-Haut to Plage Pompierre. After checking out the beach, I backtracked to the trail sign, and started up a steep, residential road. At the end of the road a rough trail continued, well-marked with yellow paint. Reaching the crest, I headed right past the ruins of Batterie Caroline to a viewpoint with...
Published by ejain 22 December 2018, 21h02 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
2:30↑150 m↓150 m   T1  
24 Dec 16
Le Littoral de Sainte-Rose
Hiked from the Plage des Amandiers to Fort Royal. The trails were mostly well-signed, and in decent condition. Some muddy spots, and a few places I got wet feet crossing small streams on the beaches. Encountered a couple of hikers, one large party on horseback, and some people lying on the beaches.
Published by ejain 24 December 2016, 22h34 (Photos:3 | Geodata:1)
2:00↑120 m↓120 m   T1  
26 Dec 14
Le Littoral de Sainte-Rose
Followed various trails and beaches from the Plage des Amandiers (near Sainte-Rose) to Anse Tillet (near Fort Royal). The trails were well-signed, for the most part, and I managed to keep dry feet... Crossed a few crowded beaches, but encountered few people otherwise.
Published by ejain 26 December 2014, 22h14 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
1:30↑500 m↓500 m   T2  
24 Dec 14
La Grande Soufrière
Started at noon from the end of the road at Les Baines Jeunes, and took the shortest (or at least the most popular, judging from the crowds) route up. No issues with the trail. The last section was quite steep and required some care, especially going down. Some nice views on the way up. The top was in the clouds, but the...
Published by ejain 25 December 2014, 04h49 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
1:30↑70 m↓70 m   T1  
21 Dec 14
La Pointe à Bacchus
Followed the hike described in the IGN TopoGuide. For the most part, the trail passes through farmland, with a few glimpses of the ocean, and decent "territorial" views. The trail was well signed, and in good condition, apart from some mud, and the fact that the boardwalk near the end of the loop was completely overgrown. Had...
Published by ejain 22 December 2014, 00h36 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
1:30↑150 m↓150 m   T1  
19 Dec 14
La Trace des Ruisseaux
This hike is described in the IGN TopoGuide. Perfect rainy day hike, as most of the trail was covered with enough rocks, roots and leaves to keep the mud at bay. No views, just forest scenery, and a few glances at the river. Didn't encounter many people. Before heading home, we headed down to the "Maison de la Foret", crossed...
Published by ejain 19 December 2014, 20h55 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
3:15↑200 m↓200 m   T2  
16 Dec 14
Le Littoral de Deshaies
Followed the route described in the IGN TopoGuide, except that we started from the Anse du Petit Bas-Vente, and ended up in Deshaies (both places have bus stops on the N2). Had no trouble following the route, and managed to cross all the beaches without getting wet feet. Rated this hike T2 because of the steep and rocky trail...
Published by ejain 16 December 2014, 20h38 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
2:00↑60 m↓60 m   T1  
15 Mar 02
Pointe de la Grande Vigie-der nördlichste Punkt von Guadeloupe
Die Point de la Grande Vigie liegt im äussersten Norden von Guadeloupe.Dort ist die Küste gar nicht karibisch,statt Sandstränden findet manda eine Steilküste mit teilweise senkrechten Felsen.Weil das zusammen mit dem tintenblauen Meer optisch sehr eindrucksvoll ist,kommen viele Touristen mit Bussen hierher.Schöner ist ein...
Published by trainman 18 March 2011, 02h10 (Photos:2 | Geodata:1)