Tanzboden and almost Chli Speer - from Ebnat-Kappel to Kaltbrunn

Published by 360 Pro , 15 January 2008, 13h53.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike:13 January 2008
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Snowshoe grading: WT2 - Snowshoe hike
Geo-Tags: CH-SG   Speer-Mattstock   Speerkette 
Access to start point:cff logo Ebnat-Kappel
Access to end point:cff logo Kaltbrunn, Müllisperg

Tanzboden is an example for a safe ski-/snowshoe tour even if the avalanche warning is very high. Since I knew there was no or almost no snow below 700m, I decided to take my snowshoes instead of my skis along; it was a very good decision.

When I arrived in Ebnat-Kappel the situation didn't look very promising. The fog was very thick and Ebnat-Kappel was just one big sludge area. The situation down in the valley would have called for rubber boots rather than snowshoes - OK my hiking boots are waterproof and they did a very good job too. From the train station I walked along the Thur to Thurau and from there up the hill to Büchel, Nestenberg, Orlen, Unter- and Ober Abschlagen to Tanzboden. Around 950 m altitude there was finally enough snow to put on the snow shoes and at approximately 1150 m I got out of the fog - from there on it was just beautiful...

The view from Tanzboden was breath taking especially with the sea of fog down in the Linthebene. Since I still had plenty of time left (I had to catch the train in Kaltbrunn at 3:07 PM), I decided to walk along the ridge towards Speer. I visited Schorhüttenberg, Tüfentaler Berg and Wannenberg and made it almost to Chlii Speer, before I turned around. The snow was varying a lot and interesting: sometimes nice deep powder, sometimes icy, some parts were completely hard and blown off and sometimes there was a frozen layer between fresh powder and the old snow below it, a clear sign that it rained even at this altitude.

For my way down to Kaltbrunn I first went back the way I came to Wannenberg and Usser Gheist and then to the hut of Gheist. From there I went down to P. 1211 and down the Rufnerwald to Wengibrugg. Then I followed the street and marked path down to Kaltbrunn. Again at around 950 m the snowshoes were obsolete and I could just walk in my hiking boots, below 700 m there was no snow any more at all.

At approximately 2:40 PM I saw a sign: "Kaltbrunn Bhf 1h 10min"… that's when I realized I had to hurry to make my 3:07 PM train. As other hikrs have missed their busses lately (1 and 2), I missed my train too. In fact at 3 PM I decided to give up and not run any more. However, lucky me: I happened to walk right by the bus stop cff logo Kaltbrunn, Muellisperg, which I didn’t consider in may planning, and to my surprise there was a bus to Uznach in a little more than 20 minutes (on Sundays they only run every 2 hours). So even though I missed my 3:07 train I wasn’t late for my appointment.

Ebnat-Kappel - Thurau - Büchel - Nestenberg - Orlen - Unter- and Ober Abschlagen - Tanzboden - Schorhüttenberg - Wannenberg - Usser Gheist - Gheist - P.1211 - Rufnerwald - Wengibrugg - Bärgarten - Steinerbrugg - Kaltbrunn, Müllisperg

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CK says: Fantastic panorama
Sent 17 January 2008, 13h45
Hoi 360

I'm really impressed by these pictures. Great!!
I've never been on Tanzboden. Because of the current avalanche situation, I'm thinking about to go there with my girlfriend on the weekend for a skitour. Do you think it's possible with ski? How is the current snow condition on Tanzboden? Is it possible to go up to Chli Speer from Tanzboden?

Regards, Christian

360 Pro says: RE:Fantastic panorama
Sent 17 January 2008, 17h31
I personally wouldn't really recommend this as a ski tour for this weekend, for two reasons
- There isn't really enough snow below 950m and I don't think the situation has changed since I was there
- If you want to continue to Schorhüttenberg, Wannenberg and Chli Speer it's possible even with skis, however it's down and up and down and up and down and up. So, for a ski tour not so much joy

If you feel like doing the tour this weekend, it would probably be more fun to go with snowshoes

CK says: RE:Fantastic panorama
Sent 17 January 2008, 21h27
Thanks for the info. I´ve expected that the snow conditions would not be ideal. Hm, don´t know yet, where we go. It´s probably everywhere the same and above 2000m altiude is the avalance warning to high. At least, the weather forecast is good:-)

Thanks, Christian

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