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Country Switzerland

My main interest is T3-T5 hikes given nearly perfect weather conditions. I have also done some snowshoe hiking (mainly WT3-WT4), and a few back country ski tours. Generally, I prefer to visit mountain peaks that are not so well-known. In most cases I go on these mountain tours alone.

Mainly I write hike reports for trips where there are not that many reports on hikr yet, or where I followed an unusual route, or where I have some nice pictures to share. So you may not find all my trips here on hikr.

The elevation gain and loss figures which I document in my reports include all the ups and downs on the way, and are estimates based on GPS data and/or the map. The total hiking time given is the time from start until end of the hike (i.e. including breaks).

Whenever I have recorded the route with GPS and the quality is reasonably good, I usually attach the GPS track to the report. The most recent recordings are made using the mobile phone Sony Xperia XZ2 compact and the Ski Tracks app set to snowshoe (!) hiking.

My reports are often written in English to make them available to a larger audience, and especially to some family members and friends who do not speak German.

Useful information sources:
Google Earth/Maps/Street View

Legal Disclaimer:
My reports provide a subjective impression of the conditions on the day of my hike, and do not constitute a recommendation to follow my example. If you plan a tour in the same area, please consult other sources of information, and beware of changing conditions. The author of these reports and the publisher of the website is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, rescues, or loss of life by anyone attempting any of the hikes, ski, or snowshoe tours described on this website.

I have no influence over, and I am not responsible for the content of any linked pages.

I am the copyright owner of all posted photos, unless otherwise stated.


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