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Hike in Italy early April- any suggestions
Hi everyone,  I am looking for suggestions for a 2 week hike in Italy.  Looking for inn to inn type. I understand that the weather is a problem and mountain hike might be off. However this is our only option... Any suggestions Thanks!
8 replies · Reply Published by Treelaugh 24 Jan 15 20:21 (Last reply: 04 Nov 16 13:26)
Snowshoeing for Beginners
Hi Everyone, I should be getting a pair of Snowshoes next week (late Xmas present!) but have never used any in my life. Can anyone give me some advice about what to do, what to look (out) for, where to go, etc. for a complete beginner, please? Thanks. Bobby
16 replies · Reply Published by SwissBob 14 Feb 09 17:31 (Last reply: 26 May 11 14:58)
Hiking: The prediction of the spent time
This is a topic with which I measured myself several times and in many ways because, as you can imagine, it is very important to leave on a trip provided with the appropriate technical equipment: backpack, boots, shoes, clothing, food, compass, maps, etc.. but also with an idea as precise as possible, about the time it takes. Unfortunately,...
16 replies · Reply Published by gbal 13 Nov 10 23:27 (Last reply: 05 Dec 10 14:58)
Stubaier hohenweg (high mountain trail)
I have published a short report ( http://www.hikr.org/tour/post29269.html ) about my last year's hike along the Stubaier high mountain trail in Austria. Next year, I plan to finish the route (1 week). Should anyone be interested in going along with me and a couple of other people, please let me know.
5 replies · Reply Published by Madrus 22 Oct 10 07:34 (Last reply: 25 Oct 10 18:53)
Hi to all!
Hi to all. I joined the Italian Hikr Community but I chose to meet the English Community too because I use to write my reports adding the translation in English language as PDF document. Every reader can find in my reports (written in Italian language) a link that says: For English Readers click [here] by...
Reply Published by gbal 17 Oct 10 19:47
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Davos   T4+ I  
29 Aug 17
Chrachenhorn (2891 m) - hike from Sertig
Start of the hike around 9 o'clock in Sertig. I followed the white-red-white marked trail in direction Fanezfurgga. The Ducan valley is really scenic, and the weather was picture perfect with blue skies and not a single cloud! I spotted a few marmots on the way. From Fanezfurgga, I hiked up along the Chrachenhorn NE ridge,...
Published by Roald 29 August 2017, 22h55 (Photos:36 | Geodata:1)
Oberhalbstein   T5-  
25 Aug 17
Piz Calderas (3397 m) - hike from Alp Flix
In this hike to Piz Calderas (3397 m), I ascended through Tellers Davains, and the L-couloir on the west side of the mountain. Later I descended on the southeast side, and then I headed down a couloir towards Plang Lung. I started my hike in Alp Flix at elevation 1915 m. I followed the roads to Tgalucas, and then a trail in...
Published by Roald 26 August 2017, 20h06 (Photos:45 | Comments:2 | Geodata:1)
Davos   T4 F  
7 Aug 17
Piz Sarsura Pitschen (3134 m) - hike from Dürrboden
Start of the hike at 08:15 in Dürrboden. The temperature was only about 3°C, so it was a rather chilly morning. I had planned to do this hike already two weeks earlier while we were in Davos on vacation, but the weather was not that great then. From Dürrboden I followed thewhite-red-white marked trail to the Grialetsch hut...
Published by Roald 8 August 2017, 20h49 (Photos:29 | Comments:2 | Geodata:1)
Zürich   T1  
23 Apr 17
Large round Uster-East
23.4.2017 Grosse Runde Uster-Ost On this Sunday, at 10 o'clock I decided to go for a hike. The weather was beautiful and there was no hurry. I didn't really have a plan where I would go to. Just wanded to find out how far I could walk in one day. As there are plenty of hiking guideposts as well as bus and train stations, it's...
Published by iuturna 6 August 2017, 21h22 (Photos:64 | Comments:2)
Trentino-South Tirol   T5 PD- I  
31 Jul 16
Battling the elements on Vertainspitze & Hoher Angelus
Vertainspitze (3545m) & Hoher Angelus (3521m) After a day of hiking around the Stelvio Pass with climbs of both Monte Scorluzzo and Roetlspitz we were ready for the next step in our climbing week: The traverse of Hoher Angelus and Vertainspitze. Maarten and me were really looking forward to this route. We wanted to do...
Published by Lodewijk 6 August 2017, 11h53 (Photos:46)
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