Pischahorn south ridge revisited

Published by 360 Pro , 13 July 2008, 12h52.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Davos
Date of the hike: 9 July 2008
Hiking grading: T4 - High-level Alpine hike
Climbing grading: I (UIAA Grading System)
Geo-Tags: Flüela-Gruppe   CH-GR 
Access to start point:cff logo Davos Dorf, Tschuggen
Access to end point:cff logo Davos Dorf

On my way down from the Pischahorn two weeks ago, I took the south ridge which is rated ZS in the SAC guide. I found it not difficult at all, but rated it a T4 only. On this hike I revisited the Pischahorn south ridge together with Anna, Stani and Zina (see their report here), this time the other way around from Tschuggen up to Pischahorn. After this second visit and including Anna and Stani’s judgment, it seems like I’m not completely off with my T4, it maybe is a T4+, but definitely not a ZS.

The general circumstances were exactly the same as on our hike last week: Meeting point in the train in Klosters, then going to Davos and with the bus to Tschuggen and start the hike there. The main differences where: more pine cones for Zina, more “anti-vertigo medicine” for everybody (1.25 instead of 0.25 liters), much better weather and my very assertive plan not to miss the peak this time!

We first followed the same path as the week before up to the little hut at P. 2265, then following the marked path to Pischahorn for a few hundred meters to approximately the “T” of Tschuggenberg. From there it was pathless, we walked up to P. 2698, then always following the ridge (with very few exceptions to bypass some difficult sections), via P. 2838, 2797, 2886, 2892. The ridge is really not very difficult, much easier than it looks on the map or if you look at it from the bottom or from the top of Pischahorn. It is mostly quite wide and the stretches where it is narrow are not too hard and only little exposed. Once in a while you need to use your hands; the few more difficult sections (II/III) can easily be bypassed.

On top of the Pischahorn we enjoyed the very nice and surprisingly clear view, ate lunch and rested for a while. For our way to Davos we first followed the path down the northwest ridge, but then decided to leave the path again shortly before P. 2856 in order to go down to the little lake near P. 2798. It looked so nice from the top and Zina really enjoyed the ice-cold bath in there. Then we walked down to the little lake northwest of it and further to P. 2607, crossed Verborgen Pischa and got back on the path at P. 2593. From there we followed the marked path along the ridge to Hüreli.

On Hüreli we made another short break and enjoyed the excellent view down to Davos, Seehorn and the Davosersee. Originally we planned to also go up to Seehorn, but since we wanted to catch the train in Davos at 7PM, we decided to leave out Seehorn and go directly down to Davos Dorf via Chaltboden. At the train station we cured Stani’s abdomen pain with the miracle cure “red wine” and were all happy about the very nice day we spent together.

Tschuggen - P. 2265 - P. 2698 - P. 2838 - P. 2797 - P. 2886 - P. 2892 – Pischahorn - P. 2856 – lake near P. 2798 - P. 2607 - Verborgen Pischa - P. 2593 – P. 2588 – Hüreli – Chaltboden – Davos Dorf

Stani: “Will you come again?”
360: “Yes.”
Stani: “Will you come again?”
360: “Yes!”
Stani: “Will you come again?”
360: “Yes!!”

Hike partners: Anna, Stani™, Zina, 360

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9 Jul 08
Pischahorn Südgrat · Anna

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countryboy says: Diesen Bericht
Sent 6 November 2011, 21h13
...kannte ich noch nicht, also danke für den Link. Südgrat hoch und dann auf markierten Wegen via Hüreli und Seehorn nach Davos klingt ganz nach meinem Geschmack. Der nächste Sommer darf kommen... :-)

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