Gorigrtat - or how to miss Gorihorn

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Graubünden » Davos
Tour Datum: 2 Juli 2008
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T5 - anspruchsvolles Alpinwandern
Klettern Schwierigkeit: II (UIAA-Skala)
Geo-Tags: CH-GR   Flüela-Gruppe 
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:cff logo Davos Dorf, Tschuggen
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:cff logo Davos Dorf, Tschuggen

Here’s my report about the hike to Gorigrat as described by Anna here.

I had several reasons to go back to the area where I was the week before. Not only was it a good opportunity to meet Anna, Stani and Zina again, but after the alleged ZS of the Pischahorn south ridge, I also wanted to get a feeling of other ZS described in the SAC guides in this area. So my original plan was to check out the Gorihorn via west flank (WS), and, on the summit look at the ZS options and if as easy as the Pischahorn south ridge take one of them for the way down.

Zina definitely remembered me when she saw me in the train in Klosters. I think my suntan lotion must taste really good, because she licked most of it off my face… but maybe she also already sensed the presents I brought for her. In Davos Dorf we changed to the Flüelapass bus (which is not included in the GA) and got off at Tschuggen.

Since Tschuggen is at an altitude of 1938m, I knew we would start our hike above the forest limit; but this meant for Zina: no pinecones to play with. Therefore, I collected some in our backyard and brought them along for the hike to keep Zina happy – I think she appreciated it.

First we followed the marked path up to Tschuggenberg and shortly before the hut at P. 2265 we left the path – too early as it turned out later (we were all eager to not follow any marked paths). From here I thought we can see Gorihorn already and when Stani said “Yes, I remember it from pictures” it was clear where we had to go. In fact it was so clear, that I didn’t even check the map any more from this point on. From the description in the SAC guide, I remembered we had to walk by the little lake at P. 2525 and later another little lake at P. 2712. When we got to a first little lake (the one at P 2458) it confirmed again that we were "right" and when we walked by the little lake at P. 2660, "I was positive we were right".

So we kept walking up the west flank of Gorigrat thinking we were in the west flank of Gorihorn. When we got up to the saddle before the peak I looked up and even saw the “Gifpelbuch” up at the top (a rock which looked like one). Since the last part up there included some climbing and was rather exposed (T5/II), Anna decided to stay down at the saddle with Zina (who really wanted to come up but couldn’t). On top of the peak I then realized “this ain’t Gorihorn”, but the highest point of Gorigrat: P. 2874.

Well, the view was great anyway and Stani didn’t seem to mind being on a no-name peak instead of Gorihorn. Back down at the saddle where Anna waited for us, we then took a little break and ate lunch. Anna started taking her anti-vertigo medicine (aka red wine) for the way down – which seems to work like a charm for her. Unfortunately some dark clouds were rolling in and on the way down it started raining - first only a little bit later pretty hard. We decided to make a little detour anyway and walked by the heart-shaped lake at P. 2525.

We were back down at Tschuggen 2 minutes before the bus to Davos came and of course gladly took it.  In Davos we went and drank some anti-vertigo medicine in the Bahnhofbuffet and talked about future hiking plans before we took the trains back home.

Lessons learned:
1. Check your map once in a while even if you think you’re right - or - don’t blindly trust Stani’s photographic memory :-)
2. A glass of red wine might help to overcome vertigo
3. The ZS routes described in the SAC guide up to Gorihorn do look like "real ZS"

Tschuggen – P. 2265 – P. 2458 – P. 2660 – Gorigrat (P. 2874) – P. 2660 – P. 2525 – P. 2265 – Tschuggen

Tourengänger: Anna, Stani™, Zina, 360

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2 Jul 08
Gorigrat · Anna

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