Oberurnen – Fridlispitz – Riseten – Wageten – Brüggler – Chöpfenberg – Innerthal

Published by 360 Pro , 18 May 2008, 12h58.

Region: World » Switzerland » Glarus
Date of the hike:14 May 2008
Hiking grading: T5 - Challenging High-level Alpine hike
Mountaineering grading: PD
Geo-Tags: CH-GL   Oberseegruppe   CH-SZ 
Access to start point:cff logo Oberurnen, Feuerwehrplatz
Access to end point:cff logo Innerthal, Post

I actually planned this hike last year already, but due to lots of snow down to below 1400m in late May; I had to change my plans for last years hike. Inspired was my hike by a similar tour by Delta, details you can find here.

I started my hike in Oberurnen and more or less followed the marked path to Fridlispitz (I took a few shortcuts). After a short break I followed a surprisingly well-marked (red paint) path along the ridge to Riseten and all the way to its west end (T4, with one patch secured with a steal rope). The path is mostly south of the ridge and was almost snow free. An old and a new cross decorate this end of Riseten, the old one probably won’t make it for a long time any more…

From the west end of Riseten down to Lochegg one first follows the south side of the west ridge for a few hundred meters and then traverses over to the northern side; from there down in a pretty steep dell like slope to the path. 

A white/red/white marked path leads from the saddle up to Wageten, it first follows the ridge up and past P. 1594 to the south walls of Wageten. After a short traverse on the southern walls of Wageten the path goes up to the summit, which at the end requires some scrambling.

For my path from Wageten to Brüggler I first went back down where I came up and then continued westwards along the southern Walls of Wageten to P. 1610. I didn’t want to take the T4 path on the northern side described in the SAC guide and in other reports here on hikr, because there was quite a bit of snow left there. The East Ridge up to Brüggler looked too difficult for me, so I decided to continue on the snow free southern side. Even though I didn’t find any descriptions about a path on this side of Brüggler (neither on hikr nor in the SAC guide) there clearly is one. It strictly follows the bottom of the southern walls of Brüggler all the way to P. 1711 and is used as access path for the numerous climbing routes here. From P. 1711 there is an easy path up to the summit of Brüggler.

For my way over to Chöpfenberg I first went back down to P. 1711 and then followed the East Ridge up to the summit. As nicely described by ossi in his report the East Ridge is a fun way up to the top of Chöpfenberg and unlike the northern route it was completely snow free. There are a few knee pines at the beginning, later some easy climbing in the second degree as well as some rather exposed narrow passages (all in all I’d give it a T5). The final access to the summit is secured with some steel ropes and doesn’t pose any difficulties any more.

For my way to Innerthal I went down the path marked with red dots on the southern side (T4, secured with steel rope in all difficult sections) to Dürrenbüchel and later along the white/red/white hiking path via Trepsen - Schwarzenegg – Heuboden to Innerthal. Since I remembered that the Postauto would leave around the full hour (and it was close to the full hour when I approached Innerthal) I kind of took some weird shortcuts down a ravine.

Oberurnen – Tschingel – Gugger – Hinter Sunnenalp – Fridlispitz – Riseten (P. 1735) – P. 1722 - Lochegg (P. 1535) – P.1594 – Wageten – P. 1610 – P. 1711 – Brüggler - P. 1711 – Chöpfenberg – Dürrenbüchel – Trepsen – Schwarzenegg – Heuboden - Innerthal

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 189.kml Choepfenberg


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