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Höchst (2024 m) - bike & hike from Walenstadt

Published by Roald , 4 November 2018, 20h39.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike: 4 November 2018
Hiking grading: T3+ - Difficult Mountain hike
Mountain-bike grading: F - Easy
Geo-Tags: Alvier Gruppe   CH-SG   Churfirsten 
Time: 6:00
Height gain: 1525 m 5002 ft.
Height loss: 1525 m 5002 ft.
Route:See waypoints and GPS track (15 km)
Access to start point:By car to Walenstadt, Sonnenberg P.541 (several possibilities for parking along the road).
Access to end point:Same as start point.

Höchst is a mountain peak between Tristencholben and Sichelchamm. It is not very prominent, but still offers a great view! The mountain can be reached on a white-red-white (wrw) marked trail, either from the east or from the west. My route was Walenstadt - Lüsis - Nideri - Höchst, and the same way back.

I started my hike at 8:00 AM at P.541 (Sonnenberg, Walenstadt). The road to Lüsis actually appears to be open to traffic in general, but I had anyway planned to make a bike & hike out of it. There are a couple of possible parking spots near P.541 (no parking fee). From P.541, I followed the road up to Lüsis, walking the bike most of the way. The road is paved up to elevation 650 m, after that it is unpaved. On the way I spotted two deer in the forest.

In Lüsis I left my bike behind, and continued on the wrw marked trail up to Nideri (T2, perhaps some places are T3 in the upper part). From Nideri I continued on the wrw marked trail towards Höchst (T2 at the beginning). On the way I spotted a few chamois on the north side of Nideri. When getting closer to Höchst, I also spotted a couple of male ibex, but I didn't get a picture of them.

The second half of the trail from Nideri to Höchst is much more exposed as it traverses the steep south flank (T3+). Then the final ascent to Höchst goes zigzag up a fairly steep couloir, at least fairly steep for a wrw marked trail (T3+). I would not recommend going on this trail if there is any snow or ice.

From the summit of Höchst, there was a great view to Säntis, Gamsberg, Sichelchamm, Tristencholben, and down to Walensee! But it was too windy for an extended break, so I headed back to Nideri to have lunch there.

For the descent, I followed the same route again. From Lüsis, I rode my mountain bike down to Walenstadt.

All in all a nice late fall hike. Not many people on the hiking trails - as far as I remember I met only seven hikers, but I think only two actually went to Höchst.

Please see the attached GPS track for more details on the route.

Equipment: hiking sticks, ice axe (not used though)

Hike partners: Roald

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