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Rädertenstock (2294 m) - hike from Wägitalersee

Published by Roald Pro , 8 September 2018, 21h42.

Region: World » Switzerland » Schwyz
Date of the hike: 8 September 2018
Hiking grading: T5 - Challenging High-level Alpine hike
Climbing grading: I (UIAA Grading System)
Geo-Tags: CH-GL   CH-SZ   Oberseegruppe 
Time: 6:00
Height gain: 1400 m 4592 ft.
Height loss: 1400 m 4592 ft.
Route:See waypoints and GPS track (10 km)
Access to start point:By car to Wägitalersee, parking at P.919 Hinter Bruch, where the trail to Mutteristock starts.

Nice hike to the summit of Rädertenstock, which is one of the two highest peaks around Wägitalersee. According to the online maps, both Rädertenstock and Mutteristock are 2294 m.

Start of the hike shortly before 9 am in Hinter Bruch at the southern end of the lake Wägitalersee. The marked trail between Hinter Bruch and Lufthütte was rather muddy and slippery in the forest, which was fine for the ascent, but it made the descent a bit more difficult. After passing Lufthütte, I continued off trail. Overall, it is surprising how little scree and rocks you have to hike across when going on a tour to Rädertenstock. Between elevation 1300 and 2200 m, it is mainly grassy slopes. So that makes it a lot easier, especially for the descent. But it is necessary to watch out for the sheep poop...

After about two hours with a good pace, I reached the ridge just northeast of Rädertenstock. The typical route continues up on the NE side of Rädertenstock (T3-T4). When reaching the first rock wall, you switch to the south east side, and pass below a yellowish rock wall (slightly exposed, T4). Immediately after the end of this yellowish rock wall, you climb straight up in a small couloir or crack (T5, climbing I-II). After 25-30 m ascent, it is possible to head left and proceed to the summit through the flank (T3+).

There was a steady supply of fog coming up from the south, so the view from the summit was sometimes limited. Due to the fog, I did not stay very long at the summit, but chose to have my lunch break a bit further down during the descent.

Generally, for the descent, I chose the same route as for the ascent. Please see attached GPS track for more details on the route. The total time given for this hike includes about half an hour lunch break.

- Hiking sticks
- Ice axe (not used)

Remark: Many thanks to Sputnik for his *report from 2014 which was very useful for my tour preparation.

Hike partners: Roald

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