Piz Spegnas (2620 m) - easy, but steep and dangerous

Published by Roald , 16 June 2018, 22h48.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Oberhalbstein
Date of the hike:16 June 2018
Hiking grading: T4- - High-level Alpine hike
Mountain-bike grading: F - Easy
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Time: 5:15
Height gain: 1200 m 3936 ft.
Height loss: 1200 m 3936 ft.
Route:See waypoints and GPS track
Access to start point:By car to parking at P.1427 at the main road between Rona and Mulegns. It is possible to park right where the unpaved forest road up to Nascharegnas starts.

Piz Spegnas (2620 m) is a rather unknown peak approx. 2 km NE of Piz Arblatsch. So far there was only one report here on hikr.org about Piz Spegnas, and it's already six years old!

I chose to start at P.1427 at the main road between Rona and Mulegns. It is possible to park right where the unpaved forest road up to Nascharegnas starts. I brought my mountain bike along, but I just walked the bike uphill. The main purpose of bringing the bike was to shorten the descent.

At elevation 1775 m I ran into a big herd of suckler cows. These cows are very protective of their calves, and can be aggressive and even dangerous if you come too close to their calves. The cows did not really want to get off the road, and in the end I had had to take a detour with the bike off the forest road, to get past them. I was glad I could keep going and further up I left the bike near the end of the forest road at approx. 2000 m elevation. The road seems to have been extended in recent years, and road work was actually ongoing today.

Next, I continued more or less straight up the east flank towards the summit of Piz Spegnas. From elevation 2200 m up to 2600 m, the average slope is 37°, so it's pretty steep. The difficulty did however in my opinion not exceed T4-. The hiking sticks were very useful though.

The view from the summit was magnificent, especially the view to Piz Arblatsch so close up! But the view across the valley to Piz d'Err and Piz Calderas was also amazing.

For the descent, I went a little bit further north. The slope and difficulty was similar to the ascent.
Going downhill by bike was a bit challenging in the upper part of the road, because the road is so steep. But the suckler cows were not standing in the middle of the road anymore, so I could quickly pass the herd without any troubles.

So, what's with the title of this hiking report? The hike was easier than I had expected, despite that the upper part of the ascent is so steep. Dangerous, mainly because of the suckler cows.

- Hiking sticks
- Ice axe (not used)

Please attached GPS track for more details.

Hike partners: Roald

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