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Chöpfenberg (1896 m) from Wägitalersee

Published by Roald Pro , 9 January 2016, 19h10.

Region: World » Switzerland » Schwyz
Date of the hike:29 May 2014
Hiking grading: T4 - High-level Alpine hike
Climbing grading: I (UIAA Grading System)
Geo-Tags: CH-GL   CH-SZ   Oberseegruppe 
Time: 6:45
Height gain: 1200 m 3936 ft.
Height loss: 1200 m 3936 ft.
Route:Innerthal - Sännegg - Heuboden - Gwürz - Schwarzenegg - Schwarzenegghöchi - Trepsen - Scheidegg - Dürrenbüchel - Chöpfenberg - Dürrenbüchel - Scheidegg - Trepsen - Schwarzenegghöchi - Schwarzenegg - Gwürz - Heuboden - Sännegg - Innerthal (total distance: 14 km)
Access to start point:By car or public transportation to Innerthal.
Access to end point:Same as start point.

On this day the weather was not perfect, but I was eager to start the hiking season, so I decided to go anyway. My choice fell on Chöpfenberg (1896 m), close to Wägitalersee.

From Innerthal to Scheidegg I followed a marked trail. Below Bockmattli this trail was very muddy, like it seems to be most of the time. From Scheidegg I pretty much had to find the way through the forest without any trail or path to follow, but that was not very difficult. After P.1587, I traversed the steep grassy hill below Chöpfenberg in the general direction of the summit. In some places this grassy hill is at least 45° steep.

After reaching the rock wall, I proceeded in westerly direction until I reached the place where I thought I had to climb up. But it was 40-50 meters too early, and I had an extra 30 min of climbing up to a place which was basically a dead end and down again (T5/II). But at least from up there I could see where I should have gone in the first place. I have not considered this irregular detour in the rating of the hike.

After getting back down again, I quickly found the start point of the path leading up to the summit of Chöpfenberg. It is not an officially marked trail, but easy to follow (if the start point is found). Climbing sections are safeguarded with ropes/wires, so the difficulties do not exceed T4/I in my opinion.

The descent was uneventful, except that while I passed through the forest close to Scheidegg there was a brief rain shower.

Hike partners: Roald

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