Glegghorn - Naafkopf - Gorfion - Augstenberg

Published by Stijn , 22 September 2015, 18h34.

Region: World » Austria » Zentrale Ostalpen » Rätikon
Date of the hike:29 August 2015
Hiking grading: T5 - Challenging High-level Alpine hike
Climbing grading: II (UIAA Grading System)
Geo-Tags: FL   CH-GR   A 
Time: 2 days

Another hot August weekend made a perfect occasion for a two day hike with bivouac in the CH-A-FL border area. Since this area is already well documented on Hikr, I'll limit myself to a few bullet points:


* The Älplibahn only has a capacity of 32 people per hour. Getting a reservation for the cable car can be difficult on sunny weekends like this. We had planned to start around 9am, but the first ride that we could book was at 12.45...

* The Glegghorn east ridge (T5 / I) is a satisfyingly direct route onto a spectacular summit that dominates the Rhine valley. The ridge starts grassy and has more bits of scrambling towards the top. A few more difficult outcrops can be avoided in obvious ways.

* I had read something about descending from the Glegghorn towards Oberst See along a grass tongue, and had presumed this referred to the one clearly visible on the maps about 400m north-west of the summit. However, our descent in that direction is blocked after a few metres already by a precipice. As we are forced to traverse back east, we accidentally end up on the correct grass tongue, which descents directly NEE as seen from the summit to an altitude of 2150m, where a trail starts traversing west over a boulder/scree field. Considering the steepness, the descent is surprisingly comfortable, but only in dry conditions! (T4+; topo)

* We bivouac under a full moon at the Obest See in the Fläscher Tal (and we were not the only ones with that idea). The Mittler See and Unterst See have completely dried out, but the Oberst See still has some water. It's not easy to find water that is more drinkable than the water in the tarn. Running water can be obtained from the stream just south of Obersäss, but also this water needs to be treated with suspicion due to the many sheep in the area.

* There is an interesting cabin in an impressive location some 400m south of the Barthümeljoch, a short detour from the marked hiking path. This used to be an army hut and is now in private possession. A friendly woman happens to be there to show me around.

* The beautifully shaped crag of Gorfion (briefly T5 / II) is a worthwhile short detour from the popular Augstenberg - Pfälzerhütte path. Perfect if you are doing the Fürstin Gina Weg with less experienced hikers and you are itching for some scrambling. You could bag the Gorfion and your friends will just have time to order you a beer at the Pfälzerhütte before you catch up with them.

* Pedantic peak baggers should note that the actual summit of the Augstenberg is not at the summit cross overlooking Malbun, but at P. 2365, a little south of the cross.

Hike partners: Stijn

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