Korab Mountain

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Region: World » Albanien
Date of the hike:20 September 2009
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: AL   MK 
Time: 1 days 3:00
Height gain: 1514 m 4966 ft.
Height loss: 1514 m 4966 ft.
Route:13.2 kilometer, one way
Access to start point:Korabi is reached from the Albania side from the village of Radomire. Radomire is about half way along the road between Peshkopi and Kukes. Turn off in Ceren for Radimore.


Korabi is the highest peak of Albania, with 2764 Meter. It is also the highest peak of Macedonia. It is on the list of all those with an ambition to climb high mountains, or to scale the highest points in each country they visit. Korabi has a "primary factor"or prominence of 2169 meter, which means one has to walk down for 2169 meter before being able to hike a peak that is higher than Korabi - - which is another way of saying that Korabi is a big mountain.

There are many routes up to Korabi, though the mountains is mostly climbed from the Macedonian side, which has more organized hiking and mountaineering activities than Albania presently has. We opted for the traditional Albanian route via Fushe Korabi and Panair (both are flat grazing grounds and good for camping), and opted for an overnight near the spring at Fushe Korabi. It still makes for a long summit day.

 Fushe Korabi is a grass plain several kilometers long. There is at least one spring, after about the first third of the plain. Local sheperds advised us to stay in their enclosures because of wolves and bears, but we we preferred on the plain. In fact, Korabi sheep dogs are known to be particularly aggressive, and it is advisable to take some trekking poles. Ideally, meet the sheperd before you meet his dog.

Panair is another delightful plain, with horses, sheep and of course sheep dogs. You know Panair when you see it. Several trails may lead from Panair to Korab, and we understand that most of them head for the Macedonian border where one meets red trail markings to the summit.

 Starting in Radomire, there are several ways to get lost, especially when asking the helpful people of Radomire. We only found the right way on our return, so better stick to the coordinates.

For more information, visit:   http://www.palmtreeproduction.com/Hikes%20and%20Climbs/Albania%20Climbs/Korabi%20Climb/Korabi%20climb%20gallery.html

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