Scalettahorn (3068 m) via west ridge

Published by Roald , 9 July 2017, 09h17.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Davos
Date of the hike: 8 July 2017
Hiking grading: T4+ - High-level Alpine hike
Climbing grading: I (UIAA Grading System)
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Time: 6:45
Height gain: 1100 m 3608 ft.
Height loss: 1100 m 3608 ft.
Route:Dürrboden - Scaletta pass - west ridge to Scalettahorn - Scaletta pass - Dürrboden (12.5 km)
Access to start point:By car to Dürrboden. Parking available (free of charge). The road to Dürrboden is paved all the way, but only one lane wide for the last 6-7 km.

I could not find any hikr reports covering the entire west ridge to Scalettahorn, so I decided to go and take a look myself. From the map and pictures it did not appear that difficult. But of course the easier way is to only ascend onto the ridge when you reach the glacier.

Start of the hike shortly after 8:00 in Dürrboden. I followed the white-red-white marked trail to the Scaletta pass (T2). From there I ascended to P.2834 (T4, I). Next, I proceeded to P.2879 (briefly T4). The most difficult section of the entire hike was then the ascent to P.2932 from the north west. It is steep, with a lot of loose scree and rocks, and some climbing is also required (T4+, I). But there may be multiple ways to reach P.2932. Further to the right (south), it is steeper, rockier, but less loose scree. However, it looked to me that climbing II or III would be required.

After having reached P.2932, the remainder of the west ridge was easier (T3). Soon, I arrived on the unmarked trail towards the summit (path traces and small cairns show the way). The final ascent to the summit is again a little bit more difficult (T3+). At the summit of Scalettahorn there is a cairn, but surprisingly no summit book. The mountain received a few visitors on this day. I met two others on their way down shortly before I reached the summit, and one hiker reached the summit just minutes after me. After I started the descent, two hikers on their way up crossed my path as well.

During the descent, I followed the normal route; descending from the west ridge down to the lower end of the glacier (T3+), and from there back to near the Scaletta pass (T2-T3). Then I followed the marked trail back to Dürrboden (T2). There were a few raindrops falling just before I reached Dürrboden, but I didn't get wet. Overall, the weather was a mix of sun and clouds during the entire hike.

- Hiking sticks

Please see attached GPS track for more details.

Hike partners: Roald

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T5- F I
T5- F
T5- F
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