Vättnerchopf (2618 m) and Scadellagrat (2541 m)

Published by Roald , 19 June 2017, 23h08.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike:18 June 2017
Hiking grading: T5- - Challenging High-level Alpine hike
Climbing grading: II (UIAA Grading System)
Geo-Tags: CH-SG 
Time: 10:00
Height gain: 2100 m 6888 ft.
Height loss: 1500 m 4920 ft.
Route:Vättis - Alp Ladils - Vättnerchopf - P.2661 - Furggla - Scadellagrat P.2541 - Welschboden - Vättnerberg (15 km)
Access to start point:By car to Vättis. Parking at Parweirsch P.1012.
Access to end point:Down from Vättnerberg with the aerial gondola, and then on foot back to the car.

Start of the hike in Vättis at 06:30 in the morning. I followed the white-red-white marked trail up to Alp Ladils (this destination is not indicated, but Muntaluna is). It paid off being so early - after only 10-15 min hiking I saw two red deer in the forest! Just before Alp Ladils, I took a left on an unmarked trail, and later I went straight up the steep grassy hillside towards Vättnerchopf. The steepest part is about 36°. At the place where there is a smaller rock formation in the middle, I passed on the left, but passing on the right would also be possible. The final ascent to the summit is slightly more difficult with some easy climbing (T4+, I).

From the summit of Vättnerchopf, I proceeded down to P.2548, and then up to P.2661. This was the highest point of the entire hike, but it is a peak with no name... Next, I continued on the ridge to P.2609, which is situated right before Furggla. However, as has been noted by others, it is not easy to get down from P.2609 to Furggla. I descended on the west side, but it was rather difficult in a few places (T5-, II).

At Furggla, I met another hiker who was on the way to Zanaihorn. Earlier, I also spotted two other hikers up there. So compared to Vättnerchopf, Zanaihorn was quite popular. But the ibex were still most numerous in the whole area, with the chamois on second place.

From Furggla, I surfed down on some snowfields, and then I started my ascent to Scadellagrat P.2541, where I enjoyed my late lunch. Later, during the descent in Welschboden, I spotted a few more chamois. Overall, this was one of the mountain hikes where I have seen the most wild animals; including red deer, chamois, mountain cock, marmot, and ibex.

Please attached GPS track for more details on the exact route.

Vättis - Alp Ladils: T2 (in some places maybe T3)
Alp Ladils - Vättnerchopf east ridge elevation 2550 m: T3 - T4
Vättnerchopf final ascent: T4+, I
Vättnerchopf - P.2663 - shortly before P.2609: T3
Up to P.2609 from the south: T4+, I
P.2609 descent on the west side - Furggla: T5-, II
Furggla - Scadellagrat P.2541: T3
Scadellagrat P.2541 - Talbühel: T3
Talbühel - Vättnerberg: T1

- Hiking sticks
- Gaiters
- Helmet (not used)
- Ice axe (not used)

Remark: Many thanks to RainiJacky and marmotta for their hike reports, which provided me with valuable information for my tour planning!

Hike partners: Roald

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