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Lunch in Zimikon - all about eating and being eaten

Published by iuturna , 14 April 2017, 15h13.

Region: World » Switzerland » Zürich
Date of the hike:12 April 2017
Mountain-bike grading: F - Easy
Geo-Tags: CH-ZH 
Time: 0:15
Height gain: 33 m 108 ft.
Height loss: 33 m 108 ft.
Route:4.6 km

As there are many animal lovers on hikr, I decided to post the following pictures although they have not been taken on an excursion and some are even out of focus.

I get to work by bycicle. The village's name is Zimikon, a part of Volketswil in the canton of Zurich.
Now, as the days get warmer, I enjoy staying outside during my lunch break.
On 12th April I took my bike, went to a nearby sandwich bar and bought a piadina with tomatoes and mozzarella. I rode to and fro the village to find a nice place where I could eat my lunch.

Not far away, I saw a lot of big birds circling in the sky an I wondered what they were doing. I rode up to Sandbühl, a small hill in Zimikon. A farmer was plowing up a fild followed by storks (Ciconia ciconia) looking for - some food, I guessed.

I took out my camera, holding my piadina in the other hand as I had only 20 minutes left befor I had to return to work.
Hiding behind a bush I switched my camera's adjustment on "sport's mode" and shot as many pictures as possible, while eating my sandwich.

Beside of the storks there were red kites (Rotmilane, Milvus milvus), black kites (Schwarzmilane, Milvus migrans) and buzzards (Mäusebussarde, Buteo buteo), some in the air, some walking on the freshly plowed ground. I saw that there was some action going on among the birds. Suddenly a stork was attacked by a red kite.
I couldn't see exacly what it was about, only flapping wings and jumping birds. I just continued pressing the release botton, still eating my piadina.

Later, when I had returned to work, I had a look at the pictures on the small camera screen. I was supprised to see a stork holding a mouse - a vole (Wühlmaus, Arvicolina), to be correct - in its  beak. The red kite tried to steal it. That's why the stork was hopping away, flapping it's wings.
It isn't clear who got the mouse at the end, but in view of the storks' swollen crops, they didn't have to starve.

So, what did I see?
A farmer plowing up the ground to grow wheat for my bread
(and to earn money for his own bread),
myself eating a sandwich made from cereals,
storks hunting mice,
a red kite attacking a stork
and a mouse not only loosing it's home but loosing it's life.

Cruel world!
But interesting half an hour for me.
I'm glad I didn't have to fight for my piadina!


Hike partners: iuturna



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gbal says:
Sent 14 April 2017, 17h23
What a battle you saw! A battle for the life; each of fighters need something: the mouse hoped to save his life. The birds tried to have a lunch that day. It seems cruel but they haven't piadinas, bread, money to buy them and they have no supermarket.
This is the life....

P.S.: very good pictures that caught the most important scenes.

iuturna says: RE:
Sent 14 April 2017, 18h47
Thank you, gbal!
Well, in a way these birds remind me of clients in a supermarket when steak is at half price. :-))

rojosuiza says:
Sent 15 April 2017, 09h49
Gottseidank ist man keine Maus...

iuturna says: RE:
Sent 15 April 2017, 11h07
Ja, ja, die Nahrungskette! Am oberen Ende ist es stets komfortabler.

mong says:
Sent 16 April 2017, 12h40
Super Bericht!

Die Natur, so wie sie ist: Unglaublich schön, aber gleichzeitig unglaublich schrecklich.

iuturna says: RE:
Sent 16 April 2017, 18h23
Freut mich, dass der Bericht dir gefällt!

georgb Pro says: Erst jetzt entdeckt
Sent 10 March 2018, 19h54
Hey iuturna, ein toller Bericht, künstlerisch wertvoll!!! Aber warum auf Englisch?

iuturna says: RE:Erst jetzt entdeckt
Sent 10 March 2018, 20h22
Hallo georgb
Danke, es freut mich, dass dir der Bericht gefällt!
Englisch ist quasi meine zweite Muttersprache. Irgendwann habe ich angefangen, meine Berichte auf Englisch zu schreiben. Mir macht es Spass und sie können von mehr Besucher/innen gelesen werden.
Ich hatte auf diese Weise immer wieder nette Diskussionen mit den italienischen Hikrs.
In letzter Zeit hatte ich zu wenig Zeit zum Schreiben.

Viele Grüsse, Nina

georgb Pro says:
Sent 10 March 2018, 21h32
Ok. Then it 's time for me to remember my English lessons. Just to read and understand your beautiful philosophic poetry ;-) Keep on writing things like that!
Greetings Georg

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