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Zürich   F  
31 May 17
My Way to Work - May is colorful
This is my diary of cycling to work. One way is 5,5 km from Uster to Volketswil. February was gray. March was green. April was yellow. May: Intens colors before thunderstorms and blooming grasses.
Published by iuturna 4 June 2017, 21h58 (Photos:12 | Comments:2)
Zürich   F  
30 Apr 17
My Way to Work - April is yellow
I cycle to work almost every day - 5,5 km one way. From Uster to Zimikon / Volketswil. Tis is my diary of nature impressions. Furthermore there are interesting things to be found in the village, like an open sky bookstore or a collection of garden gnomes. Colors of the months: February was gray. March was green....
Published by iuturna 4 June 2017, 21h31 (Photos:15)
Zürich   T1  
23 Apr 17
Large round Uster-East
23.4.2017 Grosse Runde Uster-Ost On this Sunday, at 10 o'clock I decided to go for a hike. The weather was beautiful and there was no hurry. I didn't really have a plan where I would go to. Just wanded to find out how far I could walk in one day. As there are plenty of hiking guideposts as well as bus and train stations, it's...
Published by iuturna 6 August 2017, 21h22 (Photos:64 | Comments:2)
Parc du Pilat   T2  
20 Apr 17
Recapture of the forsaken
Under construction...
Published by iuturna 11 August 2017, 23h01 (Photos:66)
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