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Pointe de Drône (2950 m)

Published by Sky , 1 November 2016, 05h51.

Region: World » Switzerland » Valais » Unterwallis
Date of the hike: 6 August 2016
Hiking grading: T4 - High-level Alpine hike
Mountaineering grading: F
Geo-Tags: CH-VS   I 

Today I want to do something around Col du Grand Saint-Bernard. I have never done anything there so far. I have two summits to choose, one is Tête de Barasson and the other is Pointe de Drône. While reaching the pass, I noticed that the path to the former is quite in the shadow and icy. Moreover I don’t know if the ridge to Pointe de Barasson is easy enough, so I finally chose the latter!
About Pointe de Drône Brandt says that “the summit is crossed by a touristic path. Such installations, that are going to trivialize the mountain, are not worth to be made again!”. And I agree with this philosophy.. Nevertheless, I thought I liked the landscape from up there, so I was happy with my choice!
I parked at Col du Grand Saint-Bernard. It was quite cold up there, so I started walking. Very soon I met a guy from the Netherlands, we had a small talk and he told me he had just gone somewhere up there “to have a look to Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc and Grand Combin, once in a year”. Now he’s ready to reach his wife, who’s sleeping at the Col and go to seaside for holiday!
Then, I went on, passed by Grande Chenalatte with its beautiful panorama and went further. I tried not to touch the stairs and chains, for joke. Then I noticed that, on the last-night snow there were some footprints: so, there is someone before me! Quite strange.. And, when I reached Pointe de Drône, I met him. He was a German guy, Wolf. We started talking (in English), about the mountains around there. It seemed that he knew them very well, and I liked that! It was cool up there, and clouds were moving very fast, showing and hiding the mountains. So we kept on moving, and decided to cross the summit and go down on the valley here below, then reach the road below the Col. As usual there was no path, and I like it! We kept on talking. I told Wolf that I have come to Valais from a very long time, and he said it was a good thing when you always go on the same places, because you start knowing the difficulties and the beauties. And, moreover, it is the Valais we are talking about!
We finally reached the road. Wolf said we could do hitchhiking. It was my very first time on the mountains. But after a very few cars, two ladies from Belgium picked me up.. I was astonished how it have been easy, but I know, a guy with sack and ice ax is not frightening at all! In a few minutes we were at the Col. I thanked them. Wolf and I had a tea and then we said goodbye. Maybe we will see one day again around there, won’t we?

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