Motta Naluns towards Fuorcla Champatsch with kids

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Graubünden » Unterengadin
Tour Datum:18 Juli 2010
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Zeitbedarf: 5:30
Aufstieg: 450 m
Abstieg: 450 m
Strecke:Motta Naluns - Chamanna da Naluns - Mot da Ri - Era Champatsch - Mot da Ri - Chamanna da Naluns - Motta Naluns
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:The gondola lift runs from central Scuol not far from the station
Kartennummer:1199 Scuol

Since the gondola lift Scuol-Motta Naluns was not running last year (2009) we did not unfortunately not pay a visit to the Motta Naluns area. Therefore this was on the wish list for the excursions this year - so on the first full day we decided to go up with the newly build lift and head towards Fuorcla Champatsch. 

Even though the weather did not look so good from the valley there was nothing suggesting that we should stay down - so of we went. Once well arrived at Motta Naluns we started walking up the large path towards the Chamanna Da Naluns a lovely landscape with the green hills - we could have turned right and headed straight for the pass but went on to Chamanna Da Schlivera and continued on the left side of the valley towards Mot Da Ri. On the way we found a good rocky place for our lunch break and the kids could enjoy their relaxing time by doing a little "climbing on the rocks". 

Then we continued up to Mot da Ri with the impressive view of Piz Minschun which we visited last autumn. The kids were starting to become tired and we were lucky as there were some good snow fields left underneath Piz Minschun - so we hurried down there and had fun!

After having spend 30 minutes in the snow we continued a little on but then decided to stop - as the kids were rapidly turning tired - approximately 1.5 km prior to the pass and turn back. We then went back to Mot Da Ri and went up on P2593 to have a look down on the plains. Then we continued down - some on the road and a few off road - seems like the young knees takes it lighter that the old knees. 

We followed the same path back to Motta Naluns and went down with the lift.

The area is covered with good maintained paths and roads that are easy to hike - except for the off road trips we took during the day our route on the path was T1 but do as we did and carry enough water - above Motta Naluns there is not much to be found and the huts are closed during the summer.

Tourengänger: Jeppe


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