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Oberengadin   T3  
21 Jul 10
Munt Pers (3207 m)
Trip to look at the large mountains of Graubünden. As the kids were pretty tired after the walk the day before we decided an easy programme anddecided to go to Bernina Diavolezza and up with the cable car to Berghaus Diavolezza - this was a trip down memory lane as I walked from Berghaus Diavolezza to Pontresina over the...
Published by Jeppe 3 April 2012, 10h51 (Photos:13)
Basse Engadine   T2  
20 Jul 10
Mot Tavrü (2420 m) with kids
We had a great experience with this trip in 2009 and the kids was begging us to repeat it - and of course we did not want to disapoint them. Once again we drove up to S-Charl and enjoyed the ever changing scenery. The parking is just outside the village and costs 5CHF for 24 hours. From the parking lot you backtrack a few...
Published by Jeppe 3 April 2012, 10h51 (Photos:20)
Basse Engadine   T2  
19 Jul 10
Clemgia Schlucht
This was planned to be a relaxing day so first we went with the kids to the playing ground at Gurlaina in Scuol - a few from our group wanted a bit more actionandwent up and took the Trottinets from Motta naluns via Ftan to Scuol - a funny experience that I never reached to try myself this year. After the playground I wanted to...
Published by Jeppe 25 August 2010, 18h08 (Photos:22)
Basse Engadine   T2  
18 Jul 10
Motta Naluns towards Fuorcla Champatsch with kids
Since the gondola lift Scuol-Motta Naluns was not running last year (2009) we did not unfortunately not pay a visit to the Motta Naluns area. Therefore this was on the wish list for the excursions this year -so on the first full day we decided to go up with the newly build lift and head towards Fuorcla Champatsch. Even though...
Published by Jeppe 16 August 2010, 22h15 (Photos:34)
Basse Engadine   T2  
17 Jul 10
Ftan to Prui - warm up with kids ½ day trip
Once again we started the car andtookthe long drive from Denmark during the night. We arrived in the early morning at Scuol - we did a little shopping and thereafter drove up to Ftan to go for a little walk until we could get installed in our rented apartment. As the sessellift is under reconstruction this summerwe started our...
Published by Jeppe 14 August 2010, 11h54 (Photos:12 | Comments:2)
Basse Engadine   T2  
6 Sep 09
Val D'uina and Uina Schlucht
The previous daybrought us to the top of Piz Minschun so we allowed our selves to sleep a bit long and drink an extra cup of coffee before we at 10 found our selves ready to depart from Sur En towards the Uina Valley and Gorge. We hadonly seen onepicture in the guide bookfrom the gorge so we were looking very much forward to...
Published by Jeppe 11 August 2010, 17h47 (Photos:33)
Basse Engadine   T3  
5 Sep 09
Piz Minschun (3068) and Piz Clünas (2793)
After checking the weather forecast a dozen times we decided to take a long drive and once again go to unterengadin and spend some wonderful days. We drove from Denmark during the night and arrived in Ftan around 6.30. We packed our gear and had a short breakfast at the parking lotbefore we as the first customers that Saturday...
Published by Jeppe 25 June 2010, 11h40 (Photos:29)
Basse Engadine   T4  
22 Jul 09
Piz Lischana (3105) - my first 3000
When we first decided to go for vacation in Scuol I started looking for trips in the area and was quickly fascinated by andconvinced that I wanted to try to reach Piz Lischana. During the week we stayed in Scuol we had extremely nice weatherand my brother and Idecided to make the trips asa one day trip even though it is often...
Published by Jeppe 22 April 2010, 17h15 (Photos:32)
Basse Engadine   T2  
21 Jul 09
Mot Tavrü (2420 m) from S-charl and back with kids
We started from the large parking lot just outside S-charl (5,- Fr for parking 24 hrs) - half of the group drove up in car and the rest took the bus from Scuol. Please note that there are a limited number of departures per day so check with the timetable in advance. This trip is rather easy and good to walk with kids as they...
Published by Jeppe 6 February 2010, 16h20 (Photos:26)
Basse Engadine   T3  
19 Jul 09
Piz Clünas (2793 m) with kids
Having arrived late to Scuol the day before we took it easy in the morning and our little group first started during the day. We drove up to Ftan and from there took the Chairlift to Bergstation Nateas.   Overall - this trip is rather easy but still breathtaking as you get some fantastic views. Most of the time is...
Published by Jeppe 14 December 2009, 22h16 (Photos:39)
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