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Jun 28
Luxemburg   T2  
28 Jun 18
Don't get stuck in Mandrock
While there are many shorter and longer trails around Bollendorf, our short trail aims straight for the Mandrock passage. It is difficult to say whether this is truly the narrowest passage in the Müllerthal area, unless you have been everywhere. But the passage is certainly not for the claustrophobic, nor for those that enjoy...
Published by detlefpalm 2 November 2018, 17h41 (Photos:6 | Geodata:1)
Jun 27
Luxemburg   T2  
27 Jun 18
Müllerthal is everywhere
As soon as someone in a group of hikers mentions Echternach or Luxembourg's Little Switzerland, another one will mumble Müllerthal. We wanted to find out - and discovered that Müllerthal describes an area, or feeling, rather than just a simple trail. Having said this, there is a signposted Müllerthal trail, which consists of...
Published by detlefpalm 2 November 2018, 18h35 (Photos:11 | Geodata:1)
Jun 22
Eifel   T2  
22 Jun 18
Eugenienstein and other cliffs
The Rur valley near Nideggen offers a spectacular array of sandstone cliffs that make for interesting hikes, a lot of up and down, and fantastic views. The sandstone formations have been the training ground of rockclimbers for more than 100 years. More recently, however, climbing activity is regulated to 4 areas, still offering...
Published by detlefpalm 3 November 2018, 18h28 (Photos:7 | Geodata:1)
Jun 19
Eifel   T1  
19 Jun 18
At Buhlert Forest
The Buhlert is part of the larger Hürtgenwald Forest, between the villages of Vossenack and Schmidt, or the Kall stream and the Rur dam. It is just outside the Eifel National Park, which also means that it is less frequently visited. Different starting points are possible, for example in Kommerscheidt or Simonskall. We chose...
Published by detlefpalm 3 November 2018, 18h49 (Photos:6 | Geodata:1)
May 21
Eifel   T1  
21 May 18
Erkensruhr und Dreiborner Hochfläche
Einruhr is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Eifel Nature Park. It is in a great location, at one of the salients of the Rur dam, connected to the village of Rurberg and Urft dam via a cruise on the regular steamer (in fact, a battery-powered ship). It is also in hiking distance to Vogelsang, the center of the...
Published by detlefpalm 3 November 2018, 19h17 (Photos:6 | Geodata:1)
May 19
Eifel   T1  
19 May 18
3 times Kermeter
The Kermeter range is home to one of the largest deciduous forest areas west of the Rhine. It is also one of the key areas of the Eifel nature park. On three sides, it is encircled by the reservoirs of the Rur and Urft. We selected this hike as a training hike, with the aim of more than 700 meters elevation gain. For this, we...
Published by detlefpalm 3 November 2018, 19h53 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)
Apr 21
Norddeutsches Tiefland   T1  
21 Apr 18
Following Caspar
“Caspar David Friedrich (5 September 1774 – 7 May 1840) was a 19th-century German Romantic landscape painter, generally considered the most important German artist of his generation. He is best known for his mid-period allegorical landscapes which typically feature contemplative figures silhouetted against night skies, morning...
Published by detlefpalm 3 November 2018, 20h39 (Photos:8 | Geodata:1)
Apr 3
Belgien   T2  
3 Apr 18
Around the Poleur Venn and the upper Hoegne
East Belgium has a knack for creating the right mix of wilderness and accessibility, busy tourist hotspots and places that make you feel adventurous. Of course the High Venn of the Ardennes is an outstandingly beautiful eco-system that attracts hikers with its muddy trails, board walks, great vistas, and rapidly changing weather...
Published by detlefpalm 4 November 2018, 19h23 (Photos:7 | Geodata:1)
Apr 2
Eifel   T1  
2 Apr 18
Wüstebach und Püngelbach
Erkensruhr, the hidden village in the Erkensruhr valley, doesn't seem to have made up its mind wether it wants to blossom or disappear from the map. The nearby Rur dam and the village of Einruhr forever seem to steal the show. This might be exactly what makes Erkensruhr the hiker's secret tip: A beautiful hidden valley, with easy...
Published by detlefpalm 4 November 2018, 20h02 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)
Jan 30
Luxemburg   T2  
30 Jan 18
15 Minutes Alpine Feeling
This trail figures high in the hikers blogosphere. It is also known as Nat'Our #5, it is part of the DeLux Tour Network, it is touted as the best trail in the Vianden area if not west of the river Rhine, hikers rave about the 'Felsenweg' (rocktrail) and others exult about the alpine feelings - and some worry about weather...
Published by detlefpalm 6 November 2018, 12h03 (Photos:6 | Geodata:1)
Nov 4
Luxemburg   T2  
4 Nov 17
Trail on the Rocks
This is a very cool trail. The area around Echternach and Irrel is known for its bizarre rock formations, and the Felsenweg showcases some of its best. There are, in fact, several Felsenwege, numbered one to six, providing hiking fun for several weeks. This trail is technically not at all difficult, but it is a fairly tough...
Published by detlefpalm 16 November 2018, 09h43 (Photos:8 | Geodata:1)
Oct 18
Belgien   T2  
18 Oct 17
Fall colours and the falling waters of Hoegne and Statte
The trails of the Valley of the Hoegne stream, between Hockai and the Belleheid Bridge, are under the patronage of the Belgian King Albert II, and the valley is rated among the most beautiful of Belgium. We haven't hiked all valleys in Belgium, but we tend to agree. It is an absolute highlight. Almost as beautiful is the valley...
Published by detlefpalm 12 November 2018, 10h47 (Photos:7 | Geodata:1)
Oct 15
Belgien   T1  
15 Oct 17
14 Anthills near the Ihrenbach
There was a time when anthills could be seen at every intersection in the forest. These days they are a rather rare occurrence. On this hike, we counted 14 anthills, right next to the trail. Take it as a sort of geocaching exercise. The hike starts and ends at Schönberg, a very pretty (non-touristic) village in Belgium near...
Published by detlefpalm 5 November 2018, 17h53 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
Oct 3
Belgien   T1  
3 Oct 17
The valleys of the Ruisseau de Bayehon and the Pouhon
The trail leads through the wild and beautiful valley of the Ruisseau de Bayehon. One of the highlights is the Cascade de Bayehon, probably the most picturesque fall in Eastern Belgium. The spectacle is particularly impressive during fall, when the rains have fed the streams and the foliage is colourful. The trail is well...
Published by detlefpalm 6 November 2018, 12h04 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)
Oct 1
Eifel   T1  
1 Oct 17
Down to the Ehrensteinsley
The Ehrensteinsley is not a summit, but a cliff above the steep slopes of the Rur valley. When coming from Mützenich, one actually descends to the Ehrensteinsley. For those with some energy to spare, Mützenich, the Ehrensteinsley, the Rur valley and part of the Ravel trail can be combined to a pleasant loop hike. The descend...
Published by detlefpalm 5 November 2018, 17h54 (Photos:6 | Geodata:1)
Aug 13
Eifel   T2  
13 Aug 17
On the wild side: of Kalterherberg
This is Kalterherberg at its best. For those staying over in a holiday home and wanting to barbecue in the afternoon, day visitors with a long way home, or anyone with an hour or so to spare wanting to take a trip on the wild side - this is your trail. The hike starts near the Eifeldom. Paying attention to the GPS, take a turn...
Published by detlefpalm 5 November 2018, 17h54 (Photos:3 | Geodata:1)
Jul 15
Harz   T2  
15 Jul 17
Landmann and other cliffs
This is a beautiful trail - and most of it is relatively rarely visited. The trail follows description #15 of the guidebook 'Vergessene Pfade - Harz' (lost trails) by Richard Goedecke. While the book and the trails are very beautiful and fuel the appetite for more hikes in the Harz, the actual trail descriptions can be vague. As...
Published by detlefpalm 21 November 2018, 10h30 (Photos:10 | Geodata:1)
Jul 14
Harz   T1  
14 Jul 17
Nachtschreie gellen und Schritte schlorren....
This hike takes you from the little town of Ilsenburg to the Brocken summit - the highest mountain in northern Germany. The trail is named after the German poet Heinrich Heine, who is said to have travelled here. At several way points, Heinrich Heine and his poetry are remembered. It is one of the longest hiking trails to the...
Published by detlefpalm 14 November 2018, 21h03 (Photos:8 | Geodata:1)
Jul 7
Norddeutsches Tiefland   T1  
7 Jul 17
Totengrund und Wilseder Berg
This was our first trip to the Lüneburger Heide and we were thoroughly impressed - even though the Heather was not yet in blossom. The trail runs through one of the best parts of the Heide. We did the hike on a Friday, met very few people, but can imagine the crowds roaming the fields especially on weekends during holidays and...
Published by detlefpalm 13 November 2018, 19h10 (Photos:7 | Geodata:1)
Jun 18
Belgien   T1  
18 Jun 17
Tros Marets
The hike starts at the signposted parking lot of the Hotel-Restaurant 'Ferme Libert' just outside Beverce. The trail is best known for the wild valley of the Tros Marets - undoubtedly a most photogenic scenery. Here, the path is secured for a few meters with a steel rope giving the uninitiated a slightly alpine feel. This...
Published by detlefpalm 7 November 2018, 10h18 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)