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Published by micro987 , 16 June 2018, 22h38.

Region: World » Switzerland » Uri
Date of the hike:16 June 2018
Hiking grading: T4- - High-level Alpine hike
Geo-Tags: CH-UR   Ortstockgruppe   CH-SZ 
Time: 6:00
Height gain: 800 m 2624 ft.
Height loss: 1500 m 4920 ft.
Route:15 km
Access to start point:- Public transport (from Schwyz train station, change in Muotathal), then Glattalpbahn (cable car)
Access to end point:- Public transport (back to Schwyz, change in Muotathal)
Accommodation:- Glattalphütte SAC

After a most unwelcome wake up at 5am to catch the train to Schwyz, I reach the Glattalpbahn cable car station around 9 am passing through the impressive Bisistal. The day is completely clear and I am surrounded by mountains still glittering from the many snow fields.

The cable car takes about 5-6 minutes to overcome the 700 m between Sahli and the Glattalp, providing stunning views on the way up. Please be advised that there is the chance of long waiting times for this small cable car (only 8 people per run).

After getting off from the cable car, I followed the blue signs for the Firner Loch path, which starts just behind the restaurant Glattalp. This year has been quite copious with snow, so the path (and the white-blue-white markings) are quickly lost in the snow. I follow (not so closely) the path across the snow fields that cover the Shafboden until I reach the start of the Inner Brüelchälen (coordinates UTM 490'340, 5'194'683). There, I keep following the direction of the path (with the occasional marker coming out of the snow along the steep hike up the valley) up to the top of the valley towards the right, which required a traverse in a relatively steep snow field. At the end of the valley, the path is uncovered from snow, and I then follow again the white-blue-white markings, until I reach quickly after a sign pointing towards one of the summits of the Mären (P. 2304 on the map). The small summit can be reached within 5 minutes, and it is well worth the detour (amazing view of the Glattalp valley).

After enjoying the view (and a deserved break after hiking up the Brüelchälen), I go back to the path, and follow it (following the markers that occasionally pop out of the frequent snow fields) unti I reach the Firner Loch. From here on, until the Balmer Grätli, there are no markers (but plenty of Steinmännchen - which do not always lead to the correct way). From the Firner Loch, I start the hike up to the Glatten, trying to stay more-or-less in the middle of the gently sloping plateau (following a line - along snow fields and occasional rocks popping out of the snow fields - that crosses the middle point between P. 2477 and P. 2431). Then, after 3h from the Glattalp, I reach the summit of the Glatten, with its small cross. Sadly, no Gipfelbuch was present, but the view was astonishing.

After a brief lunch, I start the descent towards the Balmer Grätli. Plenty of Steinmännchen point towards the cliff that separates the plateau at the top of the Glatten from the Erst Chälen. Once I get to the edge of the cliff, I follow it (and the Steinmännchen) until I reach a clearly visible path that climbs down into the Erst Chälen. From there, I walk, in a snow field, roughly in the NW direction until I reach a colouir that climbs down into the valley that separates the Chli Glatten from the plateau of the Glatten. Here, be advised that there are some Steinmännchen that lead you towards P.2341, and that should not be followed for getting down to the Balmer Grätli. The relatively steep colouir starts around the coordinates UTM 487'974, 5'191'846, and it was completely covered with snow. After a relatively fast descent, I follow the valley until I reach the Balmer Grätli and, with it, the white-red-white markings that I will follow until I reach the bottom station of the Glattalp cable car, 6h after my start at the Glattalp.

After a well-deserved Schorle at the Imbiss by the cable car station, I get the bus back to Muotathal, and then to Schwyz.

Very nice early-summer hike. It is probably best to not attempt the hike if the weather is cloudy and visibility is not good on the plateau of the Glatten.

Hike partners: micro987

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mst says:
Sent 26 June 2018, 19h37
Hi; as of now, would you recommend any crampons or other snow equipment? Are any snowfields steep or exposed?

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