Hike to Twäriberg (2117 m)

Published by Roald , 3 June 2017, 19h18.

Region: World » Switzerland » Schwyz
Date of the hike: 3 June 2017
Hiking grading: T4- - High-level Alpine hike
Geo-Tags: CH-SZ   Westliche Sihltaler Alpen   Nördliche Muotataler Alpen   Östliche Sihltaler Alpen 
Time: 6:00
Height gain: 1300 m 4264 ft.
Height loss: 1300 m 4264 ft.
Route:Weglosen - Leiteren - Gruebi - Druesberghütte - Twäriberg WNW face - Twäriberg - Twäriberglücke - Chläbdächer Westgipfel (P.2138) - Gruebi - road and white-red-white marked trail to Weglosen (total distance: 12 km)

The weather forecast had predicted nice and sunny weather in the morning, but thunderstorms in the late afternoon. So today I decided to make a bit a shorter hike. My choice fell on Twäriberg in the Hoch-Ybrig area.

I ascended from Weglosen on the white-blue-white marked trail via Leiteren (T3+). It was a bit wet from the rain last night, so extra caution was needed. This trail includes a 6-7 m high ladder you need to climb up.

After passing Druesberghütte, I continued on the white-blue-white marked trail which goes towards Druesberg and Forstberg (and Twäriberg as well). However, at elevation 1650 m, I left the trail and went straight for the ascent to Twäriberg on the WNW side (T3+). The average slope is 36-37°. Again, due to the wet grass extra caution was needed.

From the main summit of Twäriberg, I descended on the south side (where the normal route goes). The initial and steepest part has a rope you can hold on to (T4-). This was not bad with the somewhat slippery conditions today.

Next, I hiked to the minor southern summit of Twäriberg (P.2114), and continued down to Twäriberglücke on the white-blue-white marked trail (T3+). From there I hiked up to the ridge at P.2138 (aka Chläbdächer Westgipfel) (T3). To get there I had to cross one or two snowfields, but that was easy. Finally, I continued on the ridge towards the Chläbdächer main summit, but actually I had no plans to climb on top of that "chimney", so I did not go all the way.

During the descent from P.2138 I could surf a bit on the snowfields, but below elevation 2000 m there was not much snow left.

For the final descent, I followed the road from Gruebi to Weglosen, except the shortcut given by the white-red-white marked trail.

- Hiking sticks
- Gaiters (for surfing down on the snow fields)

Please see attached GPS track for more details.

Hike partners: Roald

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