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Backcountry ski tour to Sentisch Horn (2826 m)

Published by Roald , 21 April 2017, 18h59.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Davos
Date of the hike:21 April 2017
Ski grading: PD-
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Time: 4:30
Height gain: 900 m 2952 ft.
Height loss: 900 m 2952 ft.
Access to start point:By car to Tschuggen (parking free of charge).

I started off at the Flüela pass road in Tschuggen (close to Davos). The parking lot was already quite full at 8:30 when I arrived there, with several cars parked along the road as well. The temperature was around -7°C with a little bit of wind, so it felt quite cold. Finally at 9:00 o'clock I was ready to go, and I quickly warmed up during the ascent. It was also getting warmer in the bright sunshine.

There were quite a few others heading for Sentisch Horn. I would estimate that about 20-25 skiers went there today. Some chose to ascend the rather steep north side of the mountain, but I chose to go the longer way past Tällichopf and P.2433, and approach the summit from the northwest (please see attached GPS track for more details).

The final ascent to the summit was a bit more challenging but I managed without the ski crampons. It was quite steep and the uphill track was not in a good shape because everyone had to ski down that very same way.

It was a bit windy at the summit, so after the usual photo stop I skied down to about elevation 2400 m to have lunch. Down there I noticed that while I was on the summit, an avalanche had come down on the north side of Sentisch Horn, close to where many skiers ascended or skied down. Luckily the avalanche was not that big.

After buying new backcountry ski equipment at Bächli Bergsport (Pfäffikon SZ), this was my first tour to try out the new skis. And it all worked out very well!

Snow conditions: North facing slopes had nice powder, but in other places there was just a tiny bit of soft snow on top of a crust.

The avalanche risk was 2 - moderate (according to

Hike partners: Roald

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