Mt. Pilatus on my very own

Published by Naesi , 24 January 2009, 17h30.

Region: World » Switzerland » Obwalden
Date of the hike:24 January 2009
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Snowshoe grading: WT3 - Demanding snowshoe hike
Geo-Tags: Pilatusgebiet   CH-NW   CH-OW 
Time: 4:30
Height gain: 1650 m 5412 ft.
Route:Alpnachstad - Ämsigen - Mattalp - Chilchsteinen - Pilatus Kulm

... who would do - and dare? - such a thing as to hike on Mt. Pilatus while the weather forecast talked of some very, very unfriendly snowfalls? Well, ahm, I did. Luckily, it didn't take twice as long as it does in summer that is: hiking from Alpnachstad to Aemsigen and from there to Mattalp, Chilchsteinen and finally to the almost very top: Pilatus Kulm. 4:30 hours. My goodness! Shortly after Aemsigen I wanted to give up. Snow was hip-deep. Even with my hyperexpensive MSRs I was kind of struggling... but persistance is the mother of success, so I say. After some screaming, fighting with my inner piggy-doggy (aka Schweinehund) and on the verge of calling myself a stupid *peep*, I slowly but steadily got higher - I don't exactly recall how I felt since I tried to find a strength-saving path or at least traces from a fore-goer (what an idea!). Nevertheless... I reached Chilchsteinen. From there on, I was lucky to step into a fore-goer's MSR-prints!

Okay, my legs are rubbish now... it's like little ikky-ants were all over them... ... ... but I succeeded! On top, I took the cable-thingy down to Kriens and the ÖV back to Alpnachstad.

Nice views I had during the hike: Brisen and some of the great Berners were standing "there" as if the end was near. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a sunny day.

... and I'll have another go. How about the same route by skis and with a handy GPS in order to go geocache-hunting?? ;-)

PS: I know, I know... the text above has some major mistakes in it which I can't identify. At least I enjoyed writing it. *yawn*

Hike partners: Naesi

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Maesi says: Einisch meh...
Sent 24 January 2009, 17h55
ofem Pilatus. Cool wieder mol es Brichtli zläse vo diär.
Gruäss Mäsi

Bombo says: funny!
Sent 25 January 2009, 21h14
hey mrs naesi

as you write so funny in german you also write the same style in english - great and as I said: funny to read! :-) and of course a compliment for reachig the top for the... ähm.... 57th time? :-)

cheers, d.

see you

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