Chellenspitz, Alplispitz, Chrüzegg, Habrütispitz, Schindelberg, Schnebelhorn, Roten

Published by Cirrus , 26 February 2008, 23h37.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike:27 January 2008
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Snowshoe grading: WT2 - Snowshoe hike
Geo-Tags: Zürcher Oberland   CH-SG   CH-ZH 
Time: 4:30
Height gain: 975 m 3198 ft.
Height loss: 1125 m 3690 ft.
Access to start point:öV Krinau
Access to end point:öV Steg

Hiking classification: 2 stars (acceptable)

This hike offered some surprises today. There was a strong Föhninfluence, and below altostratus clouds there was almost no sun shine and a stormy wind, especially on Chellenspitz and Alplispitz. The very few snow that was left was blowing in the air. From pt. 1193 onwards it was necessary to wear snow shoes. One could also see below the Chrüzegg that from the steeper slopes avalanches in theory can affect the hiking road (WT2). The area around Chrüzegg seems to be a part in the Zurich Oberland that has more snow, as once in April I also found here much more snow than on, for instance, the Schnebelhorn. In the Chrüzegg I took a complete afternoon meal and coffee. On the summit of the Chrüzegg I could again leave the snow shoes, afterwards there were only sometimes ice tracks or snow rests, but no serious snow cover anymore. I planned to descend to Libingen, just before arriving to the Schnebelhorn, but given the late time, it seemed safer to continue to Steg. This deviation resulted in some additional summits and a beer in the restaurant close to the railway station of Steg.

Route: Krinau- Unt. Alpli- Chellenspitz- Alplispitz- Pt. 1193- Chrüzegg- Habrütispitz- Hint. Chreuel- Schindelberg- Schindelegg- Schnebelhorn- Hirzegg- Roten- Burstel- Steg

Wetter: Altostratus und keine Sonne. Trocken, aber stürmisch, vor allem am Anfang der Tour.


Hike partners: Cirrus


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