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Berner Jura   WT1  
23 Mar 08
Montagne du Droit: Erneut Schneefall und schlechter Sicht
Hiking classification: 2 stars (acceptable)  From Tramelan we followed the border of the wood, and when we hitted the major road, we followed that road until Bise de Cortebert. From there onwards we followed the broad ridge of Montagne du droit and made oure own snowshoe tracks. Unfortunately, later it started again...
Published by Cirrus 25 March 2008, 23h40 (Photos:6)
Berner Jura   WT1  
22 Mar 08
Moron: Schneeschuhüberschreitung bei teilweise schlechtem Sicht
Hiking classification: 3 stars (nice) The winter surprise at the end of March took us to the Berner Jura. Already in Perrefitte there was nearly 10 cm snow and soon we could put our snow shoes. On the top of the Moron the snow depth was around 40 cm. While in the lowest parts the snow was heavy and quite wet, often also with an...
Published by Cirrus 25 March 2008, 23h24 (Photos:4)
Obwalden   WT3  
16 Mar 08
Schnabelspitz, Rickhubel
Hiking classification: 3 stars (nice) The weather was better than expected. In the morning the strong wind, together with sun shine was very pleasant. We ascended slowly towards the "Sewensee", through a rather open, nice landscape. From the Sewensee onwards the ascent was steeper towards the ridge...
Published by Cirrus 16 March 2008, 22h48 (Photos:11)
Obwalden   T2 WT3  
15 Mar 08
Nünalpstock, Haldimattstock, Looegg, Bärenturm
Hiking classification: 3 stars(nice) The northern slopes of the Brienzer Rothorn had snow (almost) to Sörenberg, but the southern slopes had a general lack of snow. We walked until 1700 m without snow shoes. In these lower parts we saw a gemse. It was very mild weather with a lot of sun shine, so altogether not really winter...
Published by Cirrus 16 March 2008, 22h19 (Photos:7)
Waadtländer Alpen   WT3  
24 Feb 08
Les Rodomonts
hiking classification: 3 stars (nice) In the morning the snow was better. Despite the high temperatures, the clear night caused that the snow had become quite hard, although not always hard enough not to sink in. After quite a desent, we started to climb to Col de la Forcla, and later the three peaks of Les Rodomonts. For the...
Published by Cirrus 27 February 2008, 00h07 (Photos:4)
Simmental   WT3  
23 Feb 08
Hundsrügg, Birehubel, Schneitgrat
hiking classification: 3 stars (nice) Nice tour with very sunny but too warm weather. The ascent from Sparemoos first folows ski pisten until Schiltenegg. There we put our snow shoes and followed the not steep ridge up to Hundsrügg. The descent from the second summit (Birehubel) was up to 37 degrees steep and was partly snow...
Published by Cirrus 27 February 2008, 00h04 (Photos:9)
Appenzell   T2  
10 Feb 08
hiking classification: 2 stars (acceptable) This hike was made without snow shoes. There was a closed snow cover from 1100 m onwards, but the snow cover was always relatively thin and/or hard, so that snow shoes were not needed. As I started in the beginning of the afternoon, it was necessary to hurry up a bit, especially because...
Published by Cirrus 26 February 2008, 23h58 (Photos:3)
St.Gallen   T2 WT2  
27 Jan 08
Chellenspitz, Alplispitz, Chrüzegg, Habrütispitz, Schindelberg, Schnebelhorn, Roten
Hiking classification: 2 stars (acceptable) This hike offered some surprises today. There was a strong Föhninfluence, and below altostratus clouds there was almost no sun shine and a stormy wind, especially on Chellenspitz and Alplispitz. The very few snow that was left was blowing in the air. From pt. 1193 onwards it...
Published by Cirrus 26 February 2008, 23h37 (Photos:10)
Jura   T2  
20 Jan 08
Mont Raimeux
Hiking classification: 2 stars (acceptable) January and again very mild. Until the top of Mont Raimeux there were only some minor snow spots. I had a stop in Cab. le Bambos, were I enjoyed some soup and bread. The descent through "Le Gore Virat" was the most demanding, and also the nicest part of this walk. It is a...
Published by Cirrus 26 February 2008, 23h33 (Photos:5)
St.Gallen   WT2  
2 Jan 08
Schwammegg, Köbelberg, Tönnerenegg: Schneeschuhtour auf drei "neue" ZH Oberland Gipfel
Hiking classification: 2 stars (acceptable) From the busstop Egligen to Schutt along the road (instead of waiting another 30 minutes for the next bus), and from Schutt onwards, first along the street, and from Hind. Altschwand onwards with snow shoes to Hind. Rotstein. Unfortunately there were quite some people on the ridge, and...
Published by Cirrus 6 January 2008, 01h25 (Photos:10)
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Name Height (m.) Diff. Region Date of the hike
 Zumsteinspitze / Punta Zumstein4563 T4 PD II Oberwallis 21 Jul 06
 Signalkuppe / Punta Gnifetti4554 PD II Oberwallis 20 Jul 06
 Parrotspitze / Punta Parrot4432 PD II Oberwallis 20 Jul 06
 Ludwigshöhe4341 PD II Oberwallis 20 Jul 06
 Corno Nero / Schwarzhorn4321 PD II Oberwallis 20 Jul 06
 Piramide Vincent4215 PD II Oberwallis 20 Jul 06
 Breithorn - Westgipfel4164 T4 PD- I Oberwallis 18 Jul 06
 Üssers Barrhorn3610 T3 Oberwallis 15 Jul 06
 Inners Barrhorn3583 T3 Oberwallis 15 Jul 06
 Sphinx3572 F Jungfraugebiet 20 May 02
 Sphinx3572 F WT4 Jungfraugebiet 14 Apr 06
 Rheinwaldhorn / Adula3402 T4 F I Bellinzonese 8 Jul 06
 Piz Güglia / Piz Julier3380 T4 I Oberengadin 3 Sep 05
 Oberalpstock / Piz Tgietschen3328 T3 PD- I Uri 10 Aug 05
 Clariden3268 T5 PD II Glarus 12 Aug 05
 Piz Languard3263 T3 Oberengadin 5 Aug 07
 Piz Ot3246 T4 I Oberengadin 3 Sep 05
 Piz da la Margna3159 T4 I Oberengadin 2 Sep 04
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