Stechelberg - Silberhorn huette - P.2019 - Rottal huette - Stechelberg

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Bern » Jungfraugebiet
Tour Datum:27 August 2016
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T5 - anspruchsvolles Alpinwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-BE 
Zeitbedarf: 12:00
Aufstieg: 1843 m
Abstieg: 1843 m
Strecke:Stechelberg - Silberhorn huette - P.2019 - Rottal huette - Stechelberg
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:Stechelberg
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:Stechelberg
Unterkunftmöglichkeiten:Stechelberg hotel/restaurant. Csn also stay at Ruetti camping, or Lautenbrunnen and take PostBus.

I struggled to find an English description of this route before, so hope it is useful for someone...

Took off at 7:30am from Stechelberg hotel. Route starts after Stechelberg hotel/restaurant. Just keep on the same side of the river and after few 100m there is a old wooden sign and road up to the left leading to Silberhorn and Rottal. Up until P.2019m nothing special just a steep trail high with some nice water crossing. After that trail marking changes from "white-red-white" to "white-blue-white", to indicate switch to high alpine trails. Up until now had done only T3 category hikes so until P.2019 where roads split to Silberhorn and Rotall huettes was not sure if gonna attempt the Silberhorn but since along the way met few more hikers going to Silberhorn decided to give it a go as the first one in the morning while "batteries" are high.

Not long after I almost heavily regretted it, coming to Wart at 2013m one has to travers a pretty steep wall, which in principle is equipped with fixed ropes, however the last 20m or so the rope is not fixed (last metal pin in the rock is empty) although the rope us there, it is just nicely wrapped up and folded. At this point I a bit freaked out and thought I would boulder up a bit as traversing higher seemed more workable but quickly regretted up as this wall is not just solid rock, but full of moraine stones, of which even big ones are not stable. So had to back down. At one moment thought to abandon further passing but then refocused and managed. After that all the other challenges en route seemed insignificant - few places equipped with chains and also metal ladder to ascend a wet rock before the final low incline rock plateau leading up to Silberhorn huette, which I ascended at 11:30, i.e 3h after the start, but to be honest I was pushing quite a bit to manage that. The Silberhorn huette itself is super nice a bit like old times cabin but very well equipped, it can sleep c 10-12 ppl on I guess first come first serve basis. On my way down met 6ppl who said they would sleep there.
On descent I knew that Wart again would be my "Achillea spot", this time the missing rope would be the first 20m, I successfully made first 15m and the ropes literally were 2-3 steps away, but I just could not figure out how to safely make those because of loose small stones, as s result I boulder up and traversed the whole remaining section c. 50m without the help of fixed ropes that lay about 5 m below me...but make no mistake one slip and you can fall to "meet your Creator" took me about 45min to do this but all ended well! However, I cannot imagine how one could travers Wart in wet conditions… I was lucky and weather was dry and perfect.

Back to P.2019 at 2pm in 2h (accounting for 30min rest in Silberhorn huette). And off I go to Rottal huette, which I manage to achieve in 1,5h. Compared to the route to Silberhorn, route to Rottal seems easy, although I did enjoy the 100m steep climb section with fixed metal rope (I guess a Baereflue wall at c. 2200m). After that it us more or less hike up the pastures and moraine fields. The last bit of metal rope ascent to get to Rottalhuette is also "refreshing" and reminds that it is not walk-in-the-park completely. At huette I am greeted with a very friendly host Irene who serves s welcome tea and also a bunch of mountaineers who plan to ascend to Jungfrau summit the next morning. Rottal huette is fully booked for the night, so in high season and good weather you better call in advance.

At 4pm I start to descent, given that rainy clouds start to appear I decide to put up the pace and run down until Baereflue metal rope descent to avoid doing that in rain. Afterall the rain does not come but due to my run in 1h I am down at P.2019. It is fast. My feet are in blisters do I decide to give myself an extra 30min rest at Schalfbach water crosing at 1716m. After that I decide that at At 1600m I will descend down to Stechelberg not via my morning route via Aeltlaeager but via Stuefestein. Note this is well-visible but unmarked trail. Instead of going until the Stuefestein hut itself about 100m before the hut I decide to take a shortcut down the pastures because according to the map there should be a trail to Stechelberg, however in the pastures I struggle to see the trail and what confuses me more is that in the fence I do not see the gates typical in Switzerland, so I lost another 30min wandering in pastures and finally ascent back to Stuefestein huette and I am greeted by a nice young man who tells me that indeed there is no gate in the fence but road as shown in the map is correct and you have to cross the current via wooden plank. As soon as I find that it us all easy and I am on a very steep and remote road down to Im Toelingen Graben snd Stechelberg.

I am back at 7:30pm exactly 12h after my start, to save for extra chill time and route mix up at Stuefestein it could have been 1hr less. What a day, I have pushed my limits!

N!B! If you are not very experienced hiker I would not risk to attempt Silberhorn huette trail in wet or bad visibility conditions!!!

Tourengänger: Kriss


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