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Fanenstock (2236 m) - hiking in the snow

Published by Roald , 10 November 2019, 18h57.

Region: World » Switzerland » Glarus
Date of the hike:10 November 2019
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-GL   Spitzmeilengruppe 
Time: 6:30
Height gain: 1200 m 3936 ft.
Height loss: 1200 m 3936 ft.
Route:See waypoints and GPS track (12 km)
Access to start point:By car to the parking lot at Tschinglenbahn.

Nice winter hike from Elm to Fanenstock. Start of the hike at 8:20 AM from the Tschinglenbahn parking lot. The temperature was -3°C, and for the first hour I had to hike in the shade, so it felt rather cold. I mostly followed the wrw marked trail and/or the forest road. In Elm there was hardly any snow, but higher up there were increasing amounts of snow. Surprisingly, someone had been there on a ski tour yesterday - below Mittelstafel it can't have been any good for the skis. At Gamperduner Mittelstafel there was approx. 15-20 cm of snow and at elevation 2000 m there was 30-35 cm of snow. So the hike became quite strenuous with time and elevation. The weather was great with bright blue skies and hardly any wind.

The main danger in the upper part was to possibly step in a marmot hole, which I did 2-3 times but it all went well. For the descent I generally followed the same route. I did not meet any other people on the entire hike. But I spotted a couple of chamois, which were far away though.

Equipment: hiking sticks and gaiters.
Please see the attached GPS track for details on the route.

Hike partners: Roald

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