Piz Sarsura Pitschen (3134 m) - hike from Dürrboden

Published by Roald , 8 August 2017, 20h49.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Davos
Date of the hike: 7 August 2017
Hiking grading: T4 - High-level Alpine hike
Mountaineering grading: F
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Time: 9:15
Height gain: 1300 m 4264 ft.
Height loss: 1300 m 4264 ft.
Route:See waypoints and GPS track (17.5 km)
Access to start point:By car to Dürrboden. Parking available (free of charge). The road to Dürrboden is paved all the way, but only one lane wide for the last 6-7 km.

Start of the hike at 08:15 in Dürrboden. The temperature was only about 3°C, so it was a rather chilly morning. I had planned to do this hike already two weeks earlier while we were in Davos on vacation, but the weather was not that great then.

From Dürrboden I followed the white-red-white marked trail to the Grialetsch hut (T2). From there I followed an unmarked trail in southerly and southeasterly direction until this trail ends at P.2669 (T2). Next, I hiked below Isla Persa through the rubble left by the glacier - in part it was quite a struggle (T3+). I wanted to ascend to Isla Persa on the way, but skipped it due to time constraints. For a distance of about 700 m, I crossed the lower section of the glacier using crampons (hence the mountaineering grading of the tour). It was however easily possible to bypass the glacier further down, like I did on my way back. For me it was more a practice using the crampons again.

From Fuorcla Sarsura, I ascended on the south ridge to the summit of Piz Sarsura Pitschen. In the upper part, the hiking difficulty is T4. At the summit there is a weather station. From a distance I thought it was a big cross though. The view from the summit was magnificent!

On the way back, I followed roughly the same route. Exceptions: I hiked and surfed down in the scree in the SW flank of Piz Sarsura Pitschen and I did not cross the glacier. Generally, I also stayed a bit lower on the way back to the Grialetsch hut to avoid the most difficult rocky grounds.

- Hiking sticks
- Crampons

Please see attached GPS track for more details.

Hike partners: Roald

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8 Oct 18
Piz Sarsura Pitschen 3134 m · StefanP
7 Oct 18
Piz Sarsura Pitschen 3134 m · StefanP
T4+ F
22 Aug 16
Chilbi am Vadret · spez

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trainman says:
Sent 8 August 2017, 23h05
Very nice pictures from a wonderful landscape.

Roald says: RE: Piz Sarsura Pitschen
Sent 9 August 2017, 19h52
Danke für das nette Kompliment! Ja, die Landschaft ist wunderschön, vor allem wenn das Wetter mitmacht!

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