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Pico Del Teide 3718 m

Published by skiboy1969 , 15 October 2016, 23h11.

Region: World » Spanien » Kanarische Inseln » Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Date of the hike:11 October 2016
Geo-Tags: E 
Height gain: 3718 m 12195 ft.
Height loss: 3718 m 12195 ft.
Route:Puerto De la Cruz, Orotava, El Portillo, Rif Altavista, Top
Access to start point:Puerto De La Cruz
Accommodation:Rif Altavista

1° Day: Puerto De La Cruz - Rif. Altavista  

Departed: Oct 11, '16, 09:40AM
Starts in: ES
Distance: 51.2 km
Elevation: + 3304 / - 41 m
Max Grade 28.7 %
Total Duration: 06:32:54
Moving Time: 04:38:34
Stopped Time: 01:54:20
Max Speed: 25.5 kph
Avg. Speed: 11.0 kph

2° Day: Rif. Altavista - Garachico

Departed: Oct 12, '16, 06:08AM
Starts in: La Orotava, Canarias, ES
Distance: 83.4 km
Elevation: + 1203 / - 4257 m
Max Grade 35.1 %
Total Duration: 08:29:04
Moving Time: 04:41:33
Stopped Time: 03:47:31
Max Speed: 55.3 kph
Avg. Speed: 17.8 kph

We're mirrors of ourself
we're branches who look each other
we're the threshold of inner universe
we're free to live
we're alive to relieve the death
we're the rain
we're the clouds
we're the sun 
we're something who warm this world
just for a while.

                                     I PUT DOWN MY ROPE, PICKED UP MY DIPLOMA
                                    TOOK HOLD MY SWEETHEART AND AWAY WE DID DRIVE
                                    STRAIGHT FOR THE HILLS, THE BLACK HILLS OF DAKOTA
                                    SURE WAS GLAD TO GET OUT THERE ALIVE
                                    AND THE LOCUSTS SANG, WELL IT GIVE ME A CHILL
                                    YEAH, THE LOCUSTS SANG SUCH A SWEET MELODY
                                     AND THE LOCUSTS SANG WITH A HIGH WHININ' TRILL
                                     YEAH, THE LOCUSTS SANG AND THEY WERE SINGING FOR ME
                                      SINGING FOR ME, WELL, SINGING FOR ME

Hike partners: skiboy1969

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lumi says:
Sent 16 October 2016, 19h03
Un pensiero a te e al tuo amico Dylan.

skiboy1969 says: RE:
Sent 17 October 2016, 10h28
Grazie a te Lumi, da parte di tutti e due!!!

igor says: Grandi
Sent 16 October 2016, 19h13
grandi !! man !!

skiboy1969 says: RE:Grandi
Sent 17 October 2016, 10h28
esagera mia!!!
ciao grazie.

Sent 17 October 2016, 12h29
Che dire?
Una roba da Skiboy!


skiboy1969 says: RE:
Sent 17 October 2016, 12h34
grazie ancora Aldo!!!

Simone86 says:
Sent 17 October 2016, 13h45
E chissà quale sia stato il picco di potenza in quelle salite!!

skiboy1969 says: RE:
Sent 17 October 2016, 17h42
Più che altro adesso, sento di avere un picchio che mi batte in testa quando sono sotto pressione!!!

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