Just above the fog on yet another Gulmen

Published by 360 Pro , 29 January 2009, 22h53.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike:28 January 2009
Snowshoe grading: WT2 - Snowshoe hike
Geo-Tags: CH-SG   Alpstein 
Access to start point:cff logo Wildhaus, Lisighaus
Access to end point:cff logo Wildhaus, Post

I actually didn’t plan on going to Wildhaus on this day, because I just spent all weekend there on its surrounding mountains. However, since I forgot my jacket there, I had to go back and pick it up. After all I was glad and it was definitely worth the trip!
There aren’t very many mountains in this area which I haven’t visited, but the Gulmen near Wildhaus was one of them. The SLF warned: “WEITERHIN HEIMTUECKISCHE LAWINENSITUATION”, therefore, I wanted to do something safe and due to forecasted fog up to about 1500 meters, I chose Gulmen, which is almost 2000 meters high and rather safe, and as I said I have never been on it.

The Gulmen is not really good for skiing, because the bottom is all in the forest, further up there are lots and lots of knee pines and in addition the steepness is not all that great for skiing, it isn't even mentioned in the SAC Skitouren guide. Therefore, I decided to take my snowshoes along.

I started my hike at the Lisighaus (I know the obvious choice would be Wildhaus Post, but as I said, I had to go and pick up my jacket first) walked to the post and further to the bottom station of the Gamplüt cable car. About 250 meters after that the path up to the Gulmen turns left towards Bodenweidli, along a path in the forest. I didn’t even have to put on my snowshoes up to Langenboden, because on the trail there was pretty hard pressed snow. From Langenboden on I needed them and walked along the path up to the Gulmenütte and then all the way to the summit.

At the Gulmenhütte which is at 1660 meters I started worrying that I wouldn’t make it out of the fog, because it still looked like the upper limit of the fog was quite far away. Only at around 1850 meters I finally made it out of the fog into the sun. What a great feeling again.

I stayed at the summit for about two hours, explored the ridge to Gätterifisrt as far as I could, because I just didn’t feel like going back down into the fog. At around 2 PM some clouds started rolling in from Austria and that’s when I started walking back down.

For my way down I first went back to the Gulmenhütte and Langenboden and from there I walked down to  Tesel. Via Alp Fros I got to the restaurant at the top station of Gamlüt (drank a Gamplüt-Kafi) and then walked back down to Wildhaus along the marked snowshoe path and later along the street to cff logo Wildhaus, Post.

cff logo Wildhaus, Lisighasucff logo Wildhaus, Post – Bodenweidli – Vorder Bannwald – Langenboden – Gulmenhütte – Gulmen – Gulmenhütte – Langenboden – Tesel – Alp Fros – Gamplüt – Lisigweid – cff logo Wildhaus, Post

PS: There are 4 Gulmen in SG (one on the border to GL). Gulmen comes from the Latin word "culmen" (which means summit). Gulmen in Swiss German is mostly referred to a roundish summit.
PPS: I was glad I wasn't the first one going up there but found some tracks, because without them it would have been difficult to find the path in the very thick fog!

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Bombo says: herrlich..
Sent 30 January 2009, 00h47
Herrlich schöne Bilder (wie immer!) - merci 360!

Berglurch says: da schließ...
Sent 30 January 2009, 21h18
ich mich dem Bombo an! Sensationelle Bilder!

Alpin_Rise says: Gätterifirst traverse
Sent 2 February 2009, 11h42
Thanks 1000 times, love the pics!
Gulmen is a long-term project for me - have to take my snowshoes once this winter.
What distance did you follow the ridge to Gätterifirst? It's another project we wanted to travserse it preceeding the Kreuzberge Traverse but didn't know if it's possible in a reasonable time. Looking forward for an exploring Trip in Summer!

360 Pro says: RE:Gätterifirst traverse
Sent 2 February 2009, 18h56
Thanks to all for the compliments!

To Alpin_Rise: I only explored about 200m of the ridge to Gätterifirst, to the first big drop. It looks like this first drop can be bypassed on the north side.
I only tried a little though, because I left my snowshoes on the summit of Gulmen for this adventure. Walking on snowed-in knee pines was kind of difficult and full of unpleasant surprises...
I visually checked out the rest of the ridge as well, but to me it looked like you would need climbing equipment in order to get all the way to Mutschen. The SAC guide is not very clear about the whole traverse either: ... bei den West-Ost Begehungen wurden die Aufschwünge umgangen..., but with climbing in the third degree (down), it's definitely nothing for the fainthearted and - as you say - rather a summer than a winter project.

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