Kesch - Trek (3-day hiking tour)

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Graubünden » Davos
Tour Datum: 2 September 2009
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Zeitbedarf: 3 Tage
Strecke:Flüelapass - Schwarzhorn - Fuorcla Radönt - SAC Grialetsch - Scalettapass - SAC Kesch - Alp digl Chants - Fuorcla Pischa - Fuorcla Gualdauna - Albulapss
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:Mit PW bis Davos (Parkhaus vor Bahnhof Davos Platz) - anschliessend mit Postauto auf den Flüelapass - Start Flüelapass zur 3 Tageswanderung - Ende auf dem Albulapass - Retourfahrt mit Taxi nach Bergün oder Filisur - mit dem Zug retour nach Davo Platz
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:Postautokurs auf den Flüelapass
Unterkunftmöglichkeiten:SAC Grialetschhütte; SAC Keschhütte
Kartennummer:1:25'000: Scalettapass Bl. 1217; Albulapass Bl. 1237

From  0 m to  3146.6 m and another altitude difference
Wednesday early in the morning we drove with our car to  Davos to our start-point for our big mountain trip in the Graubündner-Alps. Our friends from Padstow (Cornwall-UK) accompanied us for the 4th time to hike in the mountains. This time we decided to complete  the Kesch-Trek in 3 days.
We caught the Postauto in Davos-Platz and travelled to the Flüelapass-Schwarzhorn stop (Pt. 2332). From here began the adventure for our friends to hike on the 1st 3'000m mountain.
The path was very well signposted and we walked easily to our first stop the Schwarzhornfurgga (Pt. 2880) where we had a small break. After that we started on the small path to the top of the Flüela-Schwarzhorn. For this path it's necessary to have a good feeling for balance and foot-safeness. Sometimes the path is very narrow and the hill on the left and right is very steep. Now we arrived at the top of the first mountain over 3000m even 3146.6m! On the top we enjoyed the wonderful view around the mountain, from Davos, Dischmatal to Flüelapass further to the Piz Radönt to Gfrorenhorn and many more mountains.
After the wonderful view we left the top and hiked down to the Schwarzhornfurgga again, where we had our lunch-break. After lunch we decided  to take the path under the Glacier Vadret da Radönt, which is a lake without a name (Pt. 2671). From here we had a formidable view to the Piz Radönt directly next to us. This path we followed to the next fix-point Fuorcla Radönt (Pt. 2788). From here we climbed over big rocks, over small snow fields on the same level until we achieved the point just above the hut SAC Grialetsch (Pt. 254). Now we had only to walk down directly to the hut. 
On the 2nd day we started with a little rain and fog. Today we were looking forward to another hard walking day. Our way led us to Dürrboden - Scalettapass - Lai da Ravais-ch - Fuorcla da Funtauna to SAC Keschhütte. The walk down to Dürrboden was a good warm up. At about the Point 2298 we could turn left on a new footpath directly to the path from Dürrboden to Scalettapass (we gained about 1h hiking). Up to the Scalettapass (Pt. 2606) we hiked in drizzle and fog. On the Pass we made a short break in a refuge. Just after we left the hut and walked through the Val Fantauna valley the sun broke through the fog and we enjoyed a sunny, warm day.
On the foot path junction (Pt. 2453) we saw the SAC Keschhütte but we decided to make a visit to the lake Lai da Ravais-ch (Pt. 2505) and turned to the right in that direction. We saw plenty of marmots (Munggä) and we enjoyed the young marmots playing on the ground. We needed about 1h from the path junction to the two lakes. We were so very surprised at the amazing view over the two lakes to the mountains in the background, the Piz Ducan, with the very special stone formation. It was exquisite!
Now we had to turn around and hike directly to the SAC Keschhütte (Pt. 2630) which was easy for the first part. However, we were fooled by the look of the path. The closer we got to the hut the steeper was the hill. In the end we very so happy to reach the hut! After this 2nd long walking day we were very happy that we stayed in the hut and had a special view from the living room to the glacier Va da Porchabella and the Piz Kesch.
The crew in the hut were very affable and good cooks! We had a delicious dinner. That evening we went to bed a little later than the night before and enjoyed the ambiance in the hut.                                                        
The 3rd day started the same way as the day before - rain and fog. Although we were happy and laughing. Then we thought, when angels travel - the sun shines. And we got it right! We walked down from the Keschhütte to the Alp digls Chant (Pt. 1999) and the rain stopped. Here we had to decide which path we would like to go: direct to Bergün or over the Fuorgla Pischa Pass (Pt. 2871). 
From the Alp digls Chant first we really enjoyed watching some pigs. How lovely they were,  jumping and nuzzling... Then we had to walk to the end of the valley Val Plaxbi, and here we were faced with the last test on our Kesch-tour. At the Pt. 2094, the path went straight up to Pt. 2615 further to Pt. 2871 the Fuorcal Pischa. This way we will never forget: - straight up the mountain, over rocks, stones, three strides forward - one backwards, steeper and steeper... Finally we stood on the Pass and took the obligatory picture.
After the Pass we walked over stones, grass and mountain pasture through the valley Val Pischa directly to the Bridge over the stream Ova Pischa (Pt. 2503). Next to the bridge there were plenty of stonemen. These looked very funny. The last Pass was in front of us, the Fuorcla Gualdauna (Pt. 2494), which we passed without any effort. From this point the path went straight to the Albulapass-road (Pt. 2251). Sadly the last 3km we had to walk on the road to the Albulapass Ospizio (Pt. 2312). This part took our last reserves of energy, but after arriving at the Pass we could have a unforgettable look back over 3 hard days, amazing days rich in experience!
After a beer in the sunset in front of the Pass-Restaurant we took the Taxi to Filisur, changed to the train to Davos and got out of the train on the street which was powdered with snow (and this is not a joke)

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