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Hochflue (Versuch) - going with the wind

Published by MicheleK , 5 June 2014, 01h34.

Region: World » Switzerland » Schwyz
Date of the hike:22 May 2014
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-SZ   Rigigebiet 
Time: 5:00
Height gain: 1050 m 3444 ft.
Height loss: 1050 m 3444 ft.
Route:Doerfli - Rueti - Tal - Egg - Gottertli - Obertimpel - Doerfli - Parking Seilbahn Urmiberg - visit folks, it is worthwhile !

After having considered at length the Wildhorn SKT (I had the whole gear with me...) I had to give in to the evidence and recognise that the high alps that day were off limits with Foehn gusts of 80-100 km/h.

Looking to do a replacer 'something' in the morning the long hedged Rigi Hochflue traverse became the objective - up the E ridge via Egg and down via Zilistock - a classic 'boucle' described here many times. A few days earlier  Chaeppi had posted his struggle with the wind so I thought I may succeed too. Looking at the forecast I was expecting gusts up to 50 Km/h, which on an exposed and secured ridge I would be handling.

Motivated I started at the parking of the cable car and hiked up rather fast to Egg (2h15). There the wind almost blew me away, I went up to Spitz but soon realised that the 50 kmh gusts must have had become 80 kmh :(

So I rapidly returned on my steps and decided to do a wellness  hike, no exposure, no rocks, just take in the Original Switzerland (Urschweiz) scenery and enjoy the wind and the solitude.. in Gottertli I listened to the wind and, in my down jacket, took a nap for an hour in the sun on the brand new bench - time just went by... no hurry just enjoy life on the replacement of the  replacement hill.

hiking down was easy... w/o any foresight I stopped at the Urmiberg Restaurant which was luckily open, ordered a beer, and had a great chat with the new owner.. of which I had read from fraroe. The cable car was stopped, the fully electronic system market 75 kmh winds which let's them stop. not a problem, just hike down the very steep path in the midday sun.

What a unique and fantastic place to contemplate the world... I will be back to show this to others...
The views are stunning, the Hochflue has no legs to run away, I got to know the locals and enjoyed the day - I just did what I love...

Hike partners: MicheleK

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