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Kom Vasejovicki

Published by detlefpalm Pro , 25 June 2012, 21h47.

Region: World » Montenegro (Crna Gora) » Komovi
Date of the hike:14 August 2010
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: MNE 
Time: 7:00
Route:4 kilometer one way
Access to start point:As virtually all hikes in the Komovi area, also this starts at the Eko Katun. Consult the map for reachinh the Eko Katun.
Accommodation:Chalets are available for rent, but it is also possible on the grassy plain of Stavna. Eko Katun serves drings and light meals.

Seen from the distance, all the Komovi peaks seem to be reserved for expert climbers only. They are an extraordinary group of mountains, for their isolation and excellent views into all directions. Kom Vasojevicki is the easiest of the three, and qiote frequently climbed. Route-finding is easy in good weather. Shortly before reaching the summit, the view on the steep face of its main peak is almost shocking.

The hike is not too difficult, but allow yourself some time, not least to enjoy the hike. The grassy slopes near the the summit are fairly steep, and it is not recommend to hike there when it is wet.

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 11569.kml Kom Vasejovicki


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