Piz Scalottas- Dreibündenstein Gratüberschreitung

Published by Cirrus , 3 July 2007, 23h25.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Domleschg
Date of the hike:24 June 2007
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Time: 5:00
Height gain: 1800 m 5904 ft.
Height loss: 1700 m 5576 ft.
Access to start point:öV Lenzerheide
Access to end point:öV Chur, Seilbahn Chur-Brambrüesch

Hike classification: 3 stars (nice, but not special)

This hike follows marked mountain paths. The ascent from Lenzerheide to Piz Scalottas is marked and not interesting. The hike along the ridge to Fulbergegg offers nice views, but is also somewhat degraded due to presence of ski infrastructure. Some slightly exposed parts are passed by in the descent of Piz Danis. Later, between Stätzerhorn and Fulenberg again some slightly exposed places are passed by. Here the path is also covered by stones (T3-).  The most interesting part of this hike is between Fulbergegg and Dreibündenstein. A wetland area is passed by with numerous small lakes (puddles), and although the topography is relatively flat, at the same time it is very complex with numerous little depressions and peaks. This is the reason why this route is so densily marked here. In order not to descend to Chur, the modern high-speed cable car from Brambrüesch to Chur is an interesting option.

Route: Lenzerheide- Pt. 1747- Piz Scalottas- Piz Danis- Stätzerhorn- Fulenberg- Fulhorn- Fulbergegg- Pt. 2115- Dreibündenstein- Furggabüel- Hühnerköpfe- Malixer Alp- Brambrüesch

Wetter: Sonne und Quellwolken, zunehmend hohe Wolken. Viel Wind.

Tiere: 1 Murmeltier

Teilweise mit Marcel und Beate

Hike partners: Cirrus

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