Glatt-/ Hikr-chamm (... at last)

Published by 360 Pro , 18 June 2007, 08h33.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike:17 June 2007
Hiking grading: T6 - Difficult High-level Alpine hike
Geo-Tags: CH-SG   Churfirsten 

The second attempt to climb Glattchamm was successful – no bruises this time !

Due to some time constraints (I had to be back home early) and the fact that there is no 14:21 Postauto in Arvenbüel, right Delta ;-) I decided to "cheat" a little bit: I took the Kistenbahn from Starkenbach to Strichboden. It's a fun way to gain 671m in altitude.

Remarks: The technical difficulties in the crux up to Glattchamm are not that extreme (I’ll give it a T6 anyway). However the fact that you never really know if the moss or a grip actually holds your weight makes it kind of dangerous.

Strichboden – Toggenburger Höhenweg – P.1830 – towards Gocht, then old path up to Glattchamm ridge – Glattchamm (from West) – Vorder Leistchamm – P 1911 – Arvenbüel

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Agung says:
Sent 18 June 2007, 11h12
Nicht schlecht, jetzt hat der Glattchamm auf hikr schon mehr Einträge als die Rigi ;-)

360 Pro says: RE:
Sent 18 June 2007, 15h27
Cool, ich wette die Rigi hat pro Minute mehr Besucher/innen als der Glattcham pro Monat (oder sogar pro Jahr) und das ist es auch, was ihn für mich so sympatisch macht!

Alpinmobil_Rise says: Congratulations
Sent 18 June 2007, 11h36
to your successfull climb of Glattchamm,
also very nice pictures!

360 Pro says: RE:Congratulations
Sent 18 June 2007, 15h21
Thanks, and thank YOU for making this mountain so popular!

Alpinmobil_Rise says: RE:Congratulations
Sent 18 June 2007, 15h27
I guess the summit made itself popular;-) With the help of you all.
What I did was installing a summitlog and writing an article here. It's time that I go up myself once again in near future!

ossi says: bravo
Sent 18 June 2007, 16h28
Gratuliere zur Tour. Vielleicht sollten wir mal eine "Local-Dienstreise" in dem Gebiet machen (es gibt da noch manche Bruchtour, die alleine gute Moral bräuchte). Die Fotos kriegst Du auch immer genial hin.

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