The extended Churfirsten ridge

Published by 360 Pro , 10 January 2007, 11h28.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike:15 October 2006
Hiking grading: T5 - Challenging High-level Alpine hike
Climbing grading: II (UIAA Grading System)
Geo-Tags: CH-SG   Churfirsten 
Access to start point:cff logo Starkenbach
Access to end point:cff logo Arvenbüel

Started in Starkenbach and walked up the marked path to Strichboden. From there to Ochsen and P. 2034, then along the east ridge up to Schären. From there all along the ridge to Nägeliberg and down to the Gocht. From the Gocht up to the Vorder Leistchamm and through a couloir in the east ridge (T5+/II) up to Mittler Leistchamm. The same way down and along the old path to P. 1911 and from there along the Toggenburger Höhenweg down to Arvenbüel.

Starkenbach - Strichboden - Ochsen - 2034 - Schäären east ridge (T5/II) - Schäären - Nägeliberg - Gocht - Vorder Leistchamm (II, along ridge from Gocht) - Mittler Leistchamm (T5+/II, through a couloir in the east ridge) - 1911 - Looch - Arvenbüel

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Stani™ says:
Sent 10 January 2007, 15h19
Hi 360! I've just created an English-language community for English speaking users and reports.
Feel free to join!

360 Pro says:
Sent 11 January 2007, 08h16

Thanks and congratulations to this fabulous site!

I actually don't speak English only, but also German, French and some Italian as well, but I'll monitor the new English-language community.

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