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Ski tour to Jörihorn (2844 m)

Published by Roald , 5 May 2017, 22h19.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Davos
Date of the hike: 5 May 2017
Ski grading: PD-
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Time: 5:00
Height gain: 900 m 2952 ft.
Height loss: 900 m 2952 ft.
Access to start point:By car to parking lot at Wägerhus (elevation 2000 m).

Start at Wägerhus (elevation 2000 m) at 09:30. The temperature was around freezing, or slightly below. My initial plan was to park at Wägerhütta (elevation 2200 m), but that parking lot was partially covered with snow and there were no parking spots left when I arrived.

So I turned around and parked further down, and made a ski detour below Sentisch Horn, to finally reach Wägerhütta an hour later. But that was quite OK, cause the tour to Jörihorn would otherwise have been rather short.

There was about 4-5 cm of fresh snow on top of harder snow, so going uphill was quite easy.

From Wägerhütta, I more or less ascended straight towards Jörihorn (see attached GPS track for more details). On the Jörihorn west ridge at elevation 2800 m, I left the skis and continued on foot. It was quite a struggle, because I frequently sank half a meter down into the snow. Nobody else had been up there today, so there were no tracks to follow. Shortly before the summit, where the ridge becomes really narrow, there was a lot of loose snow. I found it too risky to continue and turned around.

Then I enjoyed my lunch in the bright sunshine at elevation 2800 m where I had left my skis.

When skiing down, conditions were great from elevation 2800 m down to about 2500 m. Further down it was difficult to make turns, cause the skis would sometimes go through the crust of the underlying snow.

From Wägerhütta down to Wägerhus I skied down close to the road, but some places I had to take off the skies and walk along the road.

Please see attached GPS track for more details.

The avalanche risk was on the border between 2 - moderate and 3 - considerable, with Jörihorn being in the area where the risk was rated 2 - moderate (

Hike partners: Roald

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