A 100k in Yosemite's Wilderness Part II: Lost Arrow Spire and Yosemite Point

Published by Alpin_Rise , 12 August 2016, 13h59.

Region: World » United States » California
Date of the hike: 9 June 2014
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
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Wilderness - the often discussed and disputet term describes "a natural environment that has not been significantly modified by civilized human activity". These areas have been fascinating to me, even more since the Alps don't have any "real" wilderness. To get a taste of the wilderness concept (that goes back to pioneers as the legendary John Muir) my stay in the US summer 2014 was a perfect occasion: I planed to spend a week out in the Sierras more or less without contact to civlisation. My goal was not to do as many miles as I could per day - in fact I walked exactly 100km in 6 days before reaching Yosemite Valley.

Trekking in the Sierras is pretty popular and since I didn't want to wander with the crowd I decided not to do a popular Route like the Pacific Crest Trail or John Muir Trail. Luckily I could hit the trails before main season and since there was not much snow in the Sierra that Winter I didn't have to fight "postholing" the notorious june snowfields.
However, backpacking out there is pretty easy due to usually good, stable weather and easy, singposted (but not marked!) trails. Nevertheless one should bring some experience, especially when travelling solo and follow the guidelines avoiding unwanted bear-encounters!

In search for wilderness - arriving in Yosemite Valley after trekking a 100 km in the Sierras backcountry

This report is the second Part from Harden Lake to Yosemite Valley on Day 5 and 6.  Its Highlights were the first glimpse down into the Valley and a night in an incredible spot high above the valley. Day 1 - 4 Twin Lake to Harden Lake

After a cosy and warm night and some swims in Harden Lake it's just a half an hour stroll to (still closed) White Wolf Campground. Some other backpackers are celebrating their "return into civilisation" with Pizza and Beer - they offer me some and even the American style pizza seems delicious to me, thanks a lot ;-)

Ironically Tioga Road poses the first real orienteering problem to me, since I'm looking for the trail from Lukens Lake that crosses Tioga Road - I oversee it or it doesn't exist anymore. Anyway, I then follow the quite boring upaved road to the (still empty) Yosemite Creek Campground, where a good trail starts down to Yosemite Valley. 
From there it's still some 6 Miles (10 km) to Yosemite Falls, the first part is not to exciting but I'm really drawn to my first glimpse into THE Valley. And wow - what a view up there down Yosemite Falls, an excellent and exposed outlook right next to the falling water!

I decide not to go down into the valley directly but to stay a night close somewhere around Yosemite Point - sunset and sunrise offer breathtaking views to Halfdome and down the valley and to the famous Lost Arrow Spire ...
The next day I make it down to the valley an I wonder about the crowd "climbing" the path to Upper Yosemite falls. Some hikrs seem to be wasted after a few 100 feet - and it's hot! If you consider visiting the Yosemite Falls, I recommend to do it early in the morning.
For chance I almost drop directly into the legendary Camp 4 whit it's iconic Midnight Lightning Boulder. And I'm lucky to get a 7 days ticket to stay in Camp 4, it's the maximum in high season... that allows to do some easy climbing like the legendary Snake Dike on Half Dome.

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