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↑915 m↓915 m   T5- II  
23 Oct 20
Little Pyramid - the "unnamed" beauty
Update October 23, 2020 see below* June 24, 2016: During my hike last week I saw a mountain which caught my attention. To my surprise, after consulting the USGS topo map, I found out that it didn't have a name on any map, even though it is quite a prominent peak with a topographical prominence to its neighbor (Mount Agassiz)...
Published by 360 9 August 2016, 14h24 (Photos:31 | Geodata:2)
↑650 m↓650 m   T4 I  
23 Aug 19
The Sisters - West-East Traverse from Woods Lake
I have climbed "The Sisters" (P. 10153 and 10045) west of Round Top twice already but only from the Saddle west of Round Top. If in the area or looking at atopo map, one can clearly see that the ridge is not only two, but depending on how you count, made up of 4-5 Sisters from the saddle west of Round Top all the way to the...
Published by 360 27 August 2019, 23h03 (Photos:19 | Geodata:2)
↑450 m↓450 m   F  
14 Jun 19
Mount Disney and Crows Nest - Sierra Nevada Summer-Skiing
After an extraordinary long winter with more than average amounts of snow, the Sierra Nevada really lived up to it's name: there was and still is a lot of "Nevada" up in the Sierras and it'll take quite some time to melt it all. One ski resorts for example decided to stay open until August! (click). I was in the Donner Pass...
Published by 360 17 June 2019, 01h03 (Photos:11 | Geodata:1)
↑700 m↓700 m   T4+ WT4 PD-  
10 May 19
With "Why Wait?!" to Round Top
DG aka "Why Wait!?" and I wanted to go for a "hike" a long time already, but for one and the other reason it never happened yet. Today it did and it was a fun showshoe/back country ski outing on a wonderful spring day in the Sierras. We did the loop from Woods Lake to Round Top and back, like Donnie Darko and I did...
Published by 360 12 May 2019, 20h50 (Photos:10 | Geodata:1)
6:00↑800 m↓800 m   T3  
29 Apr 19
Upper Yosemite Falls Trail - Zur Abbruchkante des Wasserfalls
Im Rahmen eines kleinen Roadtrips entlang der kalifornischen Westküste machten wir einen Abstecher ins Yosemite Valley. Und das direkt am ersten wirklich warmen Tag des Frühjahrs im Hochtal. Dementsprechend lag noch gut Schnee auf den Bergen ringsherum, der der warmen Sonne wenig entgegenzusetzen hatte. Warum ich das gleich am...
Published by Sarmiento 24 March 2020, 20h22 (Photos:37)
↑650 m↓650 m   PD  
29 Mar 19
First tracks on Round Top
Round Top is on my wish list every season and today I was contemplating to start at Woods Lake, like I did here. However, the last winter storm brought more snow to the already very high snow pack in this area and I was afraid to not even be able to park at the turnout there. Instead I planned to start at the sno-park on Carson...
Published by 360 2 April 2019, 16h30 (Photos:10 | Geodata:1)
↑750 m↓750 m   PD+  
15 Mar 19
Sierra Snow 2019! Back country skiing in the Castle Peak area
The start to the winter in California's Sierra Nevada was rather slow, but picked up in mid January and really kicked in in February. In the Donner Pass / Castle Peak area there were more than 7 meters of snowfall in February, with some daily totals of more than a meter. At this point the cumulative snow fall at Donner Pass is...
Published by 360 18 March 2019, 17h01 (Photos:10 | Geodata:2)
0:30↑100 m↓100 m   T1  
10 Feb 19
Mount Davidson 283m, hoechster Punkt von San Francisco county, CA
Nach der Karibik landeten wir in Kolumbien und Panama, durchquerten den Panamakanal und besuchten Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala und Mexico, um letztendlich in San Diego CA den Boden der USA zu betreten. Uber Los Angeles ging es wieter nordwaerts nach San Francisco, wo uns der Winter wieder einholte. Bis ca 800 m lang zwar kein...
Published by stkatenoqu 28 April 2019, 14h36
0:30↑110 m↓110 m   T1  
10 Feb 19
Hawk Hill 281m (923 ft)
Der Hawk Hill ist ein Hoehepunkt auf einem Bergkamm, der von der Golden Gate Bridge nach Westen zieht. Seine Ersteigung erfolgt auf einem breiten Wanderung, dessen Startpunkt ziemlich genau unter dem Gipfel liegt. Die meisten Wanderer begnuegen sich mit einer breiten Aussichtsplattform, der eigentliche Gipfel liegt aber zwei...
Published by stkatenoqu 30 April 2019, 14h41
↑500 m↓500 m   T3  
9 Nov 18
Loon - and Pleasant Lake(s) - a plan is a plan is a plan
The previous week my wife and I spent some time at Loon Lake, a wonderful place in the boonies on the north side of the lake. I did a little stroll then and saw a peak at the east end of the lake which looked interesting and decided to try to climb it during this weeks outing. After looking at a map at home, I found out that this...
Published by 360 13 November 2018, 18h17 (Photos:19 | Comments:2 | Geodata:1)