Còlma – Spring has arrived in southern Ticino

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Tessin » Locarnese
Tour Datum:12 März 2008
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T3 - anspruchsvolles Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-TI   Gruppo Pizzo Cramalina 
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:cff logo Golino, Posta
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:cff logo Ponte Brolla

For an unstated reason I had to go to Golina. Golina is a little village at the beginning of the Centovalli, right before Intragna. After I was done with what I had to do there I did a little hike.

I had no plans whatsoever, the only thing I knew was, that I had to be in Locarno shortly before 5PM. At first I thought I could walk over to the Lago Maggiore via Corona dei Pinci. But when I looked up there I saw snow, and in addition this side of the hill was still in the shade. On a spring day like this, I didn’t feel like snow. Therefore, I walked towards Intragna, at the “Ponte” I first crossed the river Melezza and later also the Isorno and started walking towards the Maggia delta on the left side of Melezza.

After a few minutes I saw a little tower-like building on a mountain above Verscio. I checked my map and found the details: Còlma, 795 meters high and on the way up there is also the Oratorio St. Anna. Sounds like the perfect thing for me today!

So I turned left towards Verscio and from there more or less directly up to the Oratorio (I didn’t follow a path, but there is one in case you feel like it...). The view from the Oratorio is already great and so I was looking forward to the top. In order to get there I decided to follow the path now, via Sell.

From the summit of Còlma the view is even better: from the mountains of the Maggia valley to the ones above Locarno, the Lago Maggiore with Monte Tamaro to the Centovalli with the prominent Gridone. Together with the fresh snow on the mountains, Còlma really offered a surprisingly spectacular view.

For my way down I decided to follow the path via Colmoi, Forcola and Tegna to Ponte Brolla, and from there I took the Centovalli train to Locarno.
As one can see from the pictures, spring definitely has arrived in southern Ticino. Lots and lots of blooming flowers and trees: Camellias, Magnolias, golden chain etc.

Golina – Verscio – Oratorio St. Anna – Sell – Còlma – Colmoi – Forcola - Tegna - Ponte Brolla

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