Salomonstempel – Winter wonderland between Hemberg and Krummenau

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » St.Gallen
Tour Datum:18 Februar 2009
Schneeshuhtouren Schwierigkeit: WT1 - Leichte Schneeschuhwanderung
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Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:cff logo Hemberg, Post
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:cff logo Krummenau

My plan for this day was to go south again to Ticino, but when I got up this morning and listened to the news, I had to find out that there were no trains to Ticino until noon due to a precarious avalanche situation in the Gotthard area. Now what? With all the snow we got, the avalanche situation in northern Switzerland was at 4 (high) almost everywhere. Therefore, no "fancy" ski- or snowshoe tour came into question. I already had my snowshoes tied to my backpack and decided to visit the area which I know best and where I know the risks very well, the Toggenburg.

I started at cff logo Hemberg, Post and walked along the street to Bad. Shortly after Bad is the start of the snowshoe trail Salomonstempel. Since I was the first person doing this trail after the "big snow", I had to make my own tracks, which was quite exhausting. I followed the trail up to Salomonstempel and Scherb, where I made a short break.

After that I followed the trail for another few hundred meters but then left it and walked on different paths in the Allmeindswald. I got out of the forest at Fuchsfallen and from there went across country down to Loch – Unterloch and to the main street there. I thought about continuing to Hinterfallenchopf, but due to the thick fog, the very tiring deep snow and bleeding fingers I got from tripping over a (hidden) barbed wire, I decided to walk down to Krummenau instead. First I walked along the (snow covered) street to Hof (Ämelsberg) and then in deep powder again down to the train station cff logo Krummenau via Halden and Rübach.

cff logo Hemberg, Post – Gäwis – Bad – Guggeien – Salomonstempel – Scherb (Chellen) – Allmeindswald – Fuchsfallen – Loch – Unterloch – P.974 Hof (Ämelsberg) – Halden – Rübach – cff logo Krummenau

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