Eisenerzer Reichenstein, Grete-Klinger-Steig

Published by guenter , 7 April 2006, 10h41.

Region: World » Austria » Nördliche Ostalpen » Ennstaler Alpen
Date of the hike:22 October 2005
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Via ferrata grading: PD+
Geo-Tags: A   A-ST 

g i p f e l/h ü t t e: eisenerzer reichenstein (2165 m)/stmk/eisenerzer alpen
e x k u r s: -
d a t u m: 22/10/05
t e i l n e h m e r: werner, gü
w e t t e r: sonnig, strahlender herbstag
h ö h e n m e t e r a u f s t i e g: -
a u f s t i e g: von hirnalm über grete-klinger-steig, anstieg auf reichenstein
a b s t i e g: über roththörl zur krumpalm und zurück zur hirnalm
b e m e r k u n g e n: sehr schöner herbsttag, kräftig leuchtende farben, wunderschöne kammwanderung bzw -kletterei am grete-klinger-steig, herrliche tieblicke nach vordernberg, täler im nebelmeer, steinschlag am reichenstein, gipfel überlaufen, einkehr auf hütte und auf der hirnalm, sehr steirisch dort

weitere touren (fotos & videos): http://members.muerznet.at/vielguth/

Hike partners: guenter

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T6 PD+
15 Oct 07
Eisenerzer Reichenstein · guenter
29 Aug 08
Grete-Klinger-Steig · Matthias Pilz
24 Jun 07
Grete-Klinger-Steig · Matthias Pilz

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olethros says: Suggestions for easy klettersteigen
Sent 30 June 2007, 10h18
Ich bin dar letzter Monat, aber wir hatten gedankt is zu stark fur ohne Helm kletteren von die steiner beginen. Es gibt einfacher klettersteige in region?

I was there last month, but we had thought it too hard for climbing without a helmet where, from where the rocky part starts. (There is a split in the path there - I followed the 'hard' way a little bit but the others stayed behind. After a bit you really have to start using your hands). So, well, I have had some experience in climbing halls and also some bouldering, and now I think I'd like to try some via ferrata in the area. However I want to start with something that is relatively easy, since it's been a year since my last climbing attempt and klettersteigen are much more dangerous than bouldering or hall climbing. (I guess I could do the Rachenstein many times until I can reach the top, but a klettersteig that I can complete would be nice). So, do you have any suggestions?


guenter says: RE:Suggestions for easy klettersteigen
Sent 1 July 2007, 21h42
dear christos,

as far as the eisenerzer reichenstein is concerned, i could suggest the grete-klinger-steig. difficulies till C (in austria it is indicated von A to E), it's so far relativley easy and very beautiful (but it's not for real beginners!!), a via-ferrata equippment and a helmet is useful. you start at the "hirnalm", after the grete-klinger-steig you can go to eisenenerzer reichenstein and go back to the hirnalm.

further via ferrata (klettersteig): www.bergsteigen.at (austrian alpin webstite)

if you have further questions, please ask...

best greetings


olethros says: RE:Suggestions for easy klettersteigen
Sent 2 July 2007, 13h32
thank you very much - this site seems just what I need. I'll try some A-B klettersteig to get started. Do you usually do the klettersteig with boots or with more precise shoes?

olethros says: RE:Suggestions for easy klettersteigen
Sent 2 July 2007, 13h35
Oh, and what is 'bouldering' called in german?

guenter says: RE:Suggestions for easy klettersteigen
Sent 3 July 2007, 08h40
as far as i know there is know german word for bouldering. we say "bouldern" too

guenter says: RE:Suggestions for easy klettersteigen
Sent 3 July 2007, 08h39
i would suggest normal hiking boots. for klettersteig D,E it's sometimes useful to use climbing shoes, depends on the character

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