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St.Gallen   T4-  
12 Jun 22
After not quite making it to Vorder Goggeien, and after feeling too tired to join SAC on a longer hike, I wanted to try Zuestoll on my own. I was too early for the lift, so I jogged up to Sellammat. The path was initially overgrown with grass, and later went through a shady forest briefly. This gained me about 45 minutes, but...
Published by olethros 23 June 2022, 21h28 (Photos:3)
St.Gallen   T4  
29 May 22
Almost to Vorder Goggeien
Though to do a quick hike to somewhat challenging terrain with an easy climbing effort. I remember Goggeien mentioned on hikr as interesting, so set off for there, without much preparation. The SAC guide says it's a light scramble to the top. I made it to the saddle after about one hour from Stein. Then I took it easy. The...
Published by olethros 29 May 2022, 21h44 (Photos:1 | Geodata:1)
Appenzell   T3  
15 Apr 22
I was planning to go to Schaefler. The weather looked OK. There was apparently snow after Ebenalp, so I packed avalanche gear and my crampons, as I thought the snow would not be deep enough for snowshoes. And my snowshoes really suck on steeper ground. I started from Wasserauen and took the direct road to Ebenalp from the north...
Published by olethros 15 April 2022, 18h47
St.Gallen   F  
13 Mar 22
Easy ski tour under Haderenberg
After quite a bit of on-piste and by-piste practice, and some easy ski tours, I thought of trying out stockberg. At the time I was confident in moderate slopes in the piste or in fresh snow. However, when I arrived at Stein, Stockberg seemed to be nearly bare, so I turned to the north-facing Haederenberg. After 10 minutes on...
Published by olethros 13 March 2022, 16h55 (Photos:2)
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