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30 Dec 20
Touring SSE of Hemberg
It was a nice day, so I had a couple of hours to go to Gössigenhöchi. Unfortunately the trailhead was icy and I could neither drive nor ski on it. So I walked 1.5km (30 minutes) on my boots. Finally I strapped on my skis and climbed up for the first time in almost four years. The skis and skins still worked, thankfully. The snow...
Published by olethros 30 December 2020, 21h05 (Photos:2 | Geodata:1)
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22 Nov 20
Round Alp Sigel
I decide to go and try going around Alp Sigel and maybe climbing up to Bogartenluecke and going up to the ridge. There was rather a bit more snow than I expected, even from the beginning. I had packed poles, axe and crampons. The most useful thing was the poles this time, since the paths were not very steep but the snow was a bit...
Published by olethros 24 November 2020, 09h52 (Photos:2 | Geodata:1)
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8 Nov 20
Wasserauen <-> Wagenluecke
I had about 4 hours to spare and decided to try another path towards Saentis. Starting from Wasserauen again, I took the path south of Seealpsee. It was a good choice, as the views overlooking the lake were spectacular. The other advantage of this route is that the path is comfortably steep so I could run for long sections. Mosf...
Published by olethros 9 November 2020, 20h46 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)
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25 Oct 20
Under Säntis
Started from Wasserauen and took the easy path to Seealpsee, them climbed to Mesmer and to the northen route towards Santis. Snow fields started around 1900m but they were easy to navigate with my trail running shoes and an ice axe (poles would have been adequate too). Later the snow started becoming deeper and progress was...
Published by olethros 27 October 2020, 13h03 (Photos:1 | Geodata:1)
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