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St.Gallen   T4+  
16 Sep 23
Durch St Galler Oberland
SAC Toggenburg was arranging a similar 2-day tour on the 23rd, but I could not join, so I though to do this in one day, since the weather was good. I decided to cross the whole mountain plain of Flumseberg. To me it seemed doable: about 1500m of climb and 20km of distance, so somewhat less than marathon in total effort. I took...
Published by olethros 16 September 2023, 21h23 (Photos:16 | Geodata:1)
Calanda   T3  
9 Sep 23
Calanda Huette / Haldenstein Calanda
This is the first large group hike I organised. I knew that some of the participants were able to hike on steep terrain for long distances, while some of the others only had limited capacity. There were also a lot of constraints on the dates. So I ended up selecting Calanda Hut as the interim goal. The idea was for the weakest...
Published by olethros 11 September 2023, 22h22 (Photos:14 | Geodata:3)
Glarus   T4-  
12 Aug 23
(This route was originally suggested by SAC-SG) Starting from Rhodannenberg, follow the road, then climb sharply north after about 1km. The way is mainly through on the south side through forest and pastures, over a steep path via Lochstafel, and then Schiiterboeden. At that point, one leaves the mountain trail and turns...
Published by olethros 12 August 2023, 19h34 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)
Greece   T4  
2 Aug 23
Oros, Serifos
West of Livadi, there is a large mountain plateau. This can be reached over many routes, none of which are clear paths. This describes one of the routes, from the east side, over one of the pinnacles. Follow the road from Livadi, until you reach a staircase going next to a house. Then follow a faint path, until you reach a...
Published by olethros 6 August 2023, 09h32 (Photos:5 | Geodata:2)
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