Brienzer Rothorn

Published by Cirrus , 17 July 2007, 23h12.

Region: World » Switzerland » Obwalden
Date of the hike:14 July 2007
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: Brienzergrat   CH-BE   CH-OW   CH-LU 
Height gain: 1850 m 6068 ft.
Height loss: 475 m 1558 ft.
Access to start point:PW Wohnung oberhalb Bürglen OW
Access to end point:öV Brienzer Rothorn
Accommodation:Wohnung oberhalb Bürglen OW

Hike classification: 2 stars (acceptable)

We started this hike rather late, given the fact that the weather was very hot. We started somewhere above Bürglen OW. The first part consisted of a traverse in moderately steep gras above Lake Lungern, later a main, broad road was reached. While the others descended towards Lungern in order to catch the cable car to Schönbüel, I went by feet and lost immediately the hiking road ;-). However, ascending directly and steep through the wood (some rocky parts, T3) shortened the way. The ascent to Schönbüel is not very interesting, the oficial hiking way often follows big roads. It costed me quite some sweat. In addition, Hoch Gümme was directly ascended over moderately steep gras (the hiking road is very indirect), and later the marked path was followed until Brienzer Rothorn. There are some sligtly exposed parts, but a very good road and ropes make this unproblematic. It is a nice route, with nice views down to lake Brienz, the mountains of Bernese Oberland and the Brienzer ridge, among others. However, unfortunately many people walk here, so it is better to do this tour in November, if the ridge is still snow free, because then the cable cars will not work so less people will come. The main surprise of the tour was the snake I saw just below the Brienzer Rothorn, at 2250 m. It is yet not clear what the name is of the snake.

Route: Bürglen- Schönbüel- Hoch Gümme- Arnihaaggen- Brienzer Rothorn.

Wetter: Sonnig, nur wenige Quellwolken. Heiss.

Tiere: 1 Schlange (ich zweifle noch zwischen zwei Arten, nach Internetrecherche)

Tour mit Eva, Tomas, Helena und Esther

Hike partners: Cirrus

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