Klein Mythen - Haggenspitz

Published by Lone Ranger , 4 July 2010, 13h10.

Region: World » Switzerland » Schwyz
Date of the hike: 3 July 2010
Hiking grading: T5 - Challenging High-level Alpine hike
Geo-Tags: Mythengruppe   CH-SZ   Alptaler Berge 
Time: 6:00

The plan was to follow this reported route I have nothing more to add to this excellent report, but I'll try:
  1. Personally, this was my second alpine hike, having hiked the Klein Mythen last week, adding Haggenspitz was the next logical thing to do. I did this trip solo. It was immensely satisfying, looks like my long quest for a reasonably challenging hike has been fulfilled at last!
  2. The hike up to Klein Mythen was straightforward. I found 3 people on the summit. After a meal, I started toward the Haggenspitz. The correct (or rather the one I had planned to do) route is to traverse on the east flank of the Klein Mythen - Haggenspitz saddle. I however missed it, went down all the way to the base (was it Grigelli?) and then climbed the Haggenspitz.
  3. Between the two, I would say Haggenspitz is the more challenging one in terms of steepness and fun, a lot of it feels nearly vertical and more demanding on endurance. However, to me at least, the hardest climbing moves lie between the Klein Mythen vorgipfel (presummit ) and the main summit. Ivo's route report above is correct, if you can do the KM, you can do the H, provided you have enough reserves to attempt multiple peaks.
  4. At the Haggenspitz I was the only one on the mountain (I could see the signatures of 3 hikers before me on the this day, on summit book). It was both scary and deeply satisfying to be sitting alone on top of a mountain that seems so inaccessible. After a long break at the summit, I descended down to Klein Mythen and retraced the path back to Brunni.
  5. I could have followed the route described by Ivo, i.e. to make a direct descent to Brunni from Haggesnpitz. I chose to go back to Klein Mythen because I was more familiar with the section.
Note: the times noted are not indicative of anything; since I was alone, and this was an exploratory trip for me, I took lots breaks, and also traversed the Klein Mythen - Haggenstpitz saddle a few times, the real time should be a few hours less.

Hike partners: Lone Ranger

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