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Falotta (2502 m) - backcountry ski tour from Sur

Published by Roald Pro , 16 March 2019, 17h37.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Oberhalbstein
Date of the hike:16 March 2019
Ski grading: F
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Time: 4:15
Height gain: 900 m 2952 ft.
Height loss: 900 m 2952 ft.
Route:See waypoints and GPS track
Access to start point:By car to Sur. Parking at the church (free of charge).
Accommodation:Hotel Bela Riva, Savognin.

Start of the ski tour at 9:30 AM in Sur. I mostly followed the snow covered (and freshly groomed) forest road up to the summer parking lot at elevation 1900 m. Next, I traversed across the rather flat area to Tgalucas, and started the ascent in direction Falotta. There was already a track, which looked like it was originally from yesterday. I wonder who went yesterday in the bad weather... But today the weather was perfect! It was almost too bright, even with dark sun glasses.

At the summit I enjoyed my lunch and took a 45 min break (included in the total tour time given). There was barely any wind. Surprisingly, there were no other visitors on Falotta today. During my lunch break, I saw two skiers who may have been on Castalegns, but I could not tell for sure.

Skiing down was a bit tricky, because the snow had a bit of a crust, and it was quite hard work. From Alp Flix I mostly followed the forest road down to Sur. At the end the snow was very wet and heavy when I skied next to the road. But all in all a great day in the mountains!

1. Please see the attached GPS track for more details on the route.
2. If you plan a similar tour, please be aware that in the area just south of Falotta (P.2423, P.2455, and P.2502) there is a designated wildlife area which should be avoided in the winter.
3. The avalanche risk was 3-considerable. Normally I don't go on a ski tour when the avalanche risk is higher than 2-moderate, but for this tour I don't think there is much risk of an avalanche. The slope of the terrain never exceeds 28 degrees on this route.

Hike partners: Roald

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