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Pizzo di Nara

Published by brunoz , 28 May 2017, 16h49.

Region: World » Switzerland » Tessin » Bellinzonese
Date of the hike:26 May 2017
Hiking grading: T1 - Valley hike
Geo-Tags: CH-TI   Gruppo Pizzo Molare 
Height gain: 743 m 2437 ft.
Height loss: 743 m 2437 ft.
Route:Molare - Chérz - Alpe di Nara - Bassa di Nara - Pizzo di Nara
Access to start point:Faido exit on the A2 motorway; at Faido village a comfortable route ascends to Carì; Molare is just few km short of Carì.
Maps:CNS 1252 Ambrì-Piotta and CNS 1253 Olivone

The Leventina-Blenio ridge offers a large choice of hikes, most of which are absolutely straightforward, suitable for short-timers, thus providing the most stunning views.
Pizzo di Nara is a modest peak, very easily reached from all possible routes. Unlike the majority of my hikes, (and only thanks to Mad, my partner) I got to reach the departure point around 7:00 am (I am not exactly an early bird). We kicked off from the tiny village of Molare (good parking availabilty as soon as Molare is reached, on the right). The grassy path starts at the eastern part of the village, moving almost flat for a little while, crossing a couple of scenic waterfalls. Then, after the second waterfall, it gets a little steeper, right into the wood, but never really tyring. There are few signs to guide you, but the route cannot be mistaken anyway. You will eventually reach an open area (called Chérz) where you can quench your thirst at a fountain. Another short push in the wood and the vast Alpe di Nara pasture is reached. Poncione di Nara is now well visible northwise, while Bassa di Nara and the close Pizzo di Nara are seen at the East. The path now gets narrow, and at times scarcely visible. There are some white-red marks here and there, but anyway the target (Bassa di Nara, with it’s skying facility) is constantly in sight. Reaching Bassa di Nara (where some tiny residual snowpatches appear) you get to view Valle di Blenio and the peaks beyond, Rheinwaldhorn/Adula being the undisputed star. From Bassa di Nara all that is left to do is a 100m north-east ascent until you reach   the summit, where no cairns or crosses are to be found. The view is unbelievable. Pretty close are Poncione di Nara and Pizzo Molare and, opposite, Motto Crostel. In a distance you have the Piz Medel group, Piz Terri, Pizzo Cassinello, Grauhorn, Rheinwaldhorn, Puntone dei Fracion, Cima dei Cogn. Over Motto Crostel you will see Pizzo Erra and Matro. Then the magnificence of Monte Rosa and the entire Mischabel. Closer, beyond the Leventina valley are, first of all, Pizzo Forno, the Campo Tencia group, Pizzo Campolungo, Poncione di Tremorgio and, dwarfed, Cima di Filo, which shelters for us the most unforgettable, painful of memories. Far away are Pizzo Lucendro and Pizzo Rotondo and, beyond, Finsteraarhorn, Lauteraarhorn and Galenstock can be seen. Enough, but I may mention hundreds of other peaks. Being it a working day, there were very few hikers around, something we appreciate (last weekend we climbed Monte Minisfreddo and Poncione di Ganna… we encountered some 50-60 people, mostly noisy). Anyway, the whole ascent to Pizzo di Nara took just over two-and-half hours, inclusive of frequent photo-stops and a break at Alpe di Nara. Less than two hours to get back to the car via the same route. Very pleasant, highly recommended also for families with small children (we met one).

Hike partners: brunoz

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