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Lombardy   T2  
31 Jul 22
Monte Covreto
Hi there! Being completely out of shape (last hike was 13 months ago) and badly overweight I looked for an easy-easy option. Monte Covreto was the good one. There is little new to be said about the route, but here we go anyway. Starting point is the large parking area at La Forcora. On this day it was absolutely packed with cars...
Published by brunoz 31 July 2022, 19h07 (Photos:24)
Sottoceneri   T1  
21 Jun 21
Monte Ferraro
Back to some hikiing after my accident! A soft stroll was what I needed, so Monte Ferraro was the ideal option. I had been here 8 years ago, in a peculiar January with very little snow. This diminutive summit stands somewhat isolated, so the view from the summit is quite beautiful. Not on a cloudy day as mine! Kick-off is from...
Published by brunoz 23 June 2021, 22h13 (Photos:16)
Sottoceneri   T1  
31 Oct 20
Mataron is a shapeless hump placed nearby Denti della Vecchia and Cima di Foiorina. We are therefore in the lovely Val Colla, just a blink outside Lugano. Going up from Cimadera is nothing more than short walk, pleasant, devoid of any difficulty whatsoever, highly rewarding. The way up is really straight forward, practically you...
Published by brunoz 3 November 2020, 23h33 (Photos:10)
Sottoceneri   T2  
5 Feb 20
Cima di Medeglia
Not one of the most glamorous hiking destinations, ascending to Cima di Medeglia nevertheless rewards you with a stunning view. I had been up here seven years ago, but under completely different conditions. This winter 2019/2020 has been (so far) pretty much mild, so the hike went along without finding any snow at all. As...
Published by brunoz 7 February 2020, 23h51 (Photos:27)
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